Last game of the season - curse of Miller

With football being a funny old game and having more twists than a game of twister.
Imagine come the last game of the season we need 1 point to get into the play offs and we lose 0-1 to a Miller goal.
Or even worst we meet Donny in the play off final and he scores their winner.
That certainly would be the curse of the ex player.

I had the same fear at the Millenium Stadium when we met Reading - that Martin Butler would score and break our hearts - well he did… but then extra time happened and we all know what wonderful things happened then.

The universe is listening so try to think positive and not bring that scenario on … but then sometimes the universe flips a finger and says ‘Oh no my dear - not today’! :crazy_face: :smile: :smile: :smile:


I wouldnt worry about it ,i ve got a very positive feeling about the new season and dont think we will be reliant on the last game of the season results

Now this is tempting fate if ever I’ve seen it.

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He needs to control the ball first.

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