Last trip

Independent saddlers supporters association

Ref. NHS food van

Bit of a sad day tomorrow as the food van makes its last journey to blakenal village centre, To serve our hard working NHS staff

It’s all stocked and ready to go for its final. Session, as the funding as now been exhausted,

It has to date served up over 3500 portions of hot food, and Nearly as many. Soft drinks, And tea / coffees And countless snack bars, and crisps

When the shutter goes up at 4 pm. Tomorrow no doubt. This will have risen to close on 4000. People. Being served, TOTALY free of charge

Did we ever think it would be the. Phenomenal success it was,

and the honest answer. Was yes we did, and I’ll tell you why,

It was because we had every faith in you the fans of Walsall FC.
Who backed it to the hilt, From day one the donations came pouring in as you showed our dedicated NHS staff, just how much they where apreciated,

So for the last time. Everyone involved with Issa. Says a massive

We couldn’t do it without your backing and support,
So to all those who contributed. In any way shape or form
Take a bow, never have the words SUPER. SADDLERS Been more

Well done to all involved. More reasons to be proud to be a Saddler.