Latest Correspondence with WFC - 30.01.19


At Rob’s request, please find his response to Stefan Gamble’s offer of a meeting at the club detailed below. This is published, as always, in the spirit of transparency.


Dear Stefan,

Thank you for your letter dated 22nd January 2019, which was a response to my letter dated 14th
January 2019.

In regards to your offer of a meeting, I feel that this may be beneficial as a starting point towards
perhaps implementing improvements across the football club, however before arranging a meeting I
would ask if the following can be allowed:

  1. Up to 2 other people to attend alongside myself, for minute taking and assistance in
    answering any questions you may have;

  2. An agenda out in place, agreed by both parties prior to the meeting taking place, in order to
    keep a structure to proceedings;

  3. An agreement of who will be in attendance at the meeting, in advance of the meeting taking

I would also like to make it known that I am speaking on behalf of many Walsall fans, so not just
from a personal standpoint but more so from a collective one.

If you could let me know the answers to the above please, along with potential dates / times for
meetings as I will need to arrange to attend, along with others that may be taking part, and seek
time off work if necessary.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,
Rob Harvey


Just the right tone for me. Polite but assertive.


Love it - I also think this campaign should never stop until we get the freehold to the stadium!


That’s the sensible focused response SG needed to get and it needs chasing if no response in 7/10 days ideally.
If questioned at the meeting “How many fans are you representing” we perhaps need to try to assess the response to WSC Mission Statement thus far?
SG won’t expect the number to be huge given how much time the WSC has been out there on line but it would be good to identify a decent number if we can so far.


I’m going to sort out an online petition to get numbers to take with me


Small observation … this was one that spell-check wouldn’t pick up, but I hope that “agenda out in place” should have been “agenda put in place”?

UTS - other than that, excellent work - many thanks @RobHarv3y


Ok good stuff.


Yeah it should have been :joy: fat finger syndrome