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What if Miller had scored against Bradford? What if Monthe hadn’t been suspended for 7 games? The gods’ conspired against Taylor. He was a little unfortunate but bad signings, and poor advice from McDonald didn’t help him.

From far on the outside, it looks like Taylor was appointed too soon in a cut-throat job, who relied on really poor advice from McDonald, who took the job based on a great interview but went on to prove he was all mouth and no trousers.

They were great ideas at the time, and we all wanted it to work. It didn’t.

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Taylor was never given a chance, his treatment was a disgrace.

First job in management and he has to navigate , a poor squad, Fullerton and a clueless board.

Set up to fail as they say,


In a bid to appease a pretty unhappy fan base LP has backed himself into a corner with the appointment of MF. Its such a great appointment, there really is nowhere to hide.

Taylor seemed a lovely chap and it was hard not to like him. I dont get that same feeling with Flynn. But he is a no-nonsense, successful manager whose stakes are pretty high - if he doesnt like something we will know about it. If he walks or if there is drama it will break open and lay in plain sight the real issues at Walsall. And, this is what I fully expect to happen.

And still the usual suspects will be saying…maybe next year they will get it right


I think your first sentence is wide of the mark. LP appointed MF because he thought he was the best person for the job and the man who can bring us success.

MF sounded extremely bullish in the awards event after the Swindon game and alluded to 5 players already signed up which shows the board are backing him and there is plenty of hard work going on behind the scenes to bring the players in MF wants.

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The fourth appointment in under three years that he has, presumably, thought to be the best person for the job. Not forgetting a DoF who was also the best person for that job.


Yes we’ll other than BD they all seemed like good appointments, I was in agreement with the appointments as were the majority of the supporter base. As for the DOF the jury will always be out, one of the key objectives should have been taking a medium to look terms view in putting a structure in place for the football operations which are unlikely to ever be achieved in less than 12 months (I do accept some of the shorter term decisions he would have been part of don’t look great now, but LP moved swiftly to move him on).

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I dunno. I think the strength of your last 5 signings show how much you’re backed. Look at last summer.


Well the proof of the pudding is in the eating, if MF isn’t happy with the recruitment he may well leave and I think he will through his dealings with the press let us know. However alternatively if we hear nothing I think we can accept he’s happy with the backing he’s received and any lack of success on the pitch will be his responsibility. To have already secured 5 signings is a good start, more to be done but suggests plenty of hard work is going on to get the squad MF wants.


Just thinking aloud funk, there are vacancies in the PA match day dept due to the three guys leaving. Great opportunity to get in there mate, pick your own music, would be heaven. I have visions of you getting the job and doing the same as the guy in the Shawshank Redemption film who locks himself in the pa room of the prison and plays his own choice to the inmates ( in our case the audience) you could also go on a rant about the Dame and dumb and dumber ( Gamble and Mole ) and the pre historic board whilst the stewards are battering the door down to end the broadcast :joy: mate I would pay just to be there and witness that !!!


That was the objective of the DOF, but Pomlett made such a spectacularly bad appointment in Fullarton that it was ditched after 12 months so we are back to a board who, as acknowledged by Pomlett, know nothing about football.

Happened at Millwall once, according to Danny Baker. The fans who had taken possession of the P.A. hut and locked the other blighters out could be heard on the tannoy giving a commentary on how crap everything was and slating the board, and in the background was banging and hammering and cries of “let us back in.” After a while the club officials realised all they had to do was pull the plug out and that killed the electric, so the fans then gave up and came out. :laughing:
I hope it’s a true story, never know with Danny Baker.

Imagine how much they’ll have learned in those 12 months though, or in the previous about 100 combined years of experience the board have of “running” a football club!

The years is 2023. It’s the first week of February. Leigh Pomlett sits in a dimly lit room, overlooking a cloudy Poundland Bescot Stadium.

A man with a Brummie accent asks:

Leigh, obviously it’s been a tough 24 hours at the club, can you explain some of the events for the supporters

Pomlett sits back and folds his arms:

Of course, look, it was an incredibly tough decision. The truth of the matter is the results just aren’t good enough, and that’s why we’ve had to part with Michael. 15th just isn’t where this club should be, although I would say we should be 6 to 10 points better off with a bit more luck. But Michael would be the first person to tell you himself that just isn’t good enough.

The brummy voice is back:

And a word on the Transfer window for the viewers if you could


Well of course, we sold Jack Earring on the last day, but when Sunderland came calling, really there was nothing we could do. Sometimes the money takes over and he wanted to leave. But I would point out, that money couldn’t be reinvested this transfer window as it was a deal that included installments, I know the fans don’t understand that. But I think the lad we’ve got in on Loan from Forrest Green is really promising.

Brummy Voice:

And a word on Paul Simpson, the man taking over?


Me and Paul had a fantastic 3 hour conversation at the services in Frankley over a Costa Coffee. We just got lost in the moment. We only noticed the time when the light of the street lamps glinted into our eyes after bouncing off a nearby Skoda Fabia. He loved his 10 game loan spell here, and has fond memories of the club. I think he will challenge us, but he’s done a fantastic job at Carlisle and I really think he’s going to push us on.

meanwhile, a post appears on UTS

“Look I’m not going to pretend this season has been what we all expected, but I think, with a few new additions in the summer, we will be where we want to be next season”


None of this would actually surprise me the blokes been a car crash so far.

Groundhog Day. Last chance this Summer.

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:joy::joy::joy: I can actually see this coming! Fair play that made me laugh

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Will the man with the Brummie accent ask Leigh if, having sacked Flynn, he is intending for WFC to lurch back in the direction of the Director Of Football project again? Being as nobody on the Board knows anything about football, plus we need continuity.

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Perhaps they could appoint another bully that signs crap players?