Latest Tweet from Dan Mole


Nothing more important than family but I do hope he fully understands the frustration of the fans and why he’s been receiving so many tweets.


Nothing more important than family…full stop…no but.


“not been on HER for a week” - not sure I like the sound of that!


Depends on the family, my nan’s an ■■■■■■■■.

I’ve been critical of Mole (and not abusive like some) the past week and I do feel bad. I will message him an apology for sure.


■■■■ poor effort Dan, If someone in your position can’t mix the balance of work and home then you are in the wrong job.

Best wishes to your Mom.


Dan gets a raw deal. He’s the only member of the board with his head above the parapet attempting to engage with fans and I think people forget that despite his role at the football club, he’s just a bloke with a young family.

That said, if you’re going to position yourself on social media, especially to sell or promote, you have to remain responsive whether things are going well or badly - that’s where he perhaps falls short at times (this doesn’t include the current situation with his poorly Mom, of course).


Agreed. I normally, and I do here, have a lot of sympathy for Mole. He’s the most communicative of the lot and is clearly a puppet on a string.

The one thing I wasn’t sure of was the tone. As if he was surprised there had been a backlash when he opened his twitter. For a start nobody knows his personal circumstances and secondly that doesn’t excuse the whole club of signing nobody of note since Andy Cook.

Edit: Ismail even.


Zeli Ismail* :wink:


very sympathetic over his Family issues , but sometimes things are best kept in house… seems a little unprofessional to me.


Not really. He gets blasted for not responding and to be fair there’s a good reason this time. You can’t ask them to be open then call it unprofessional when they are.


He is definitely playing the sympathy card. It should not be acceptable to his employer for him to go AWOL without putting something in place. For example, Gamble could have picked it up or they could have just said up front that he would be offline for a few days due to personal circumstances. I thought he was responsible for communications ffs :joy: Loads of people have ■■■■ to deal with in their personal lives without letting it impact their ability to perform their role.

I have no axe to grind with Dan btw, just surprised that he / the club feel it is OK to disappear for a week at a critical time of the season because of a family matter and not communicate or do anything about it. Amateurish.


The people asking are in sense customers of the club, he would be better off not replying.

I mean those giving him abuse need help … I wouldn’t waste a tweet




So the communications person has to take a little time off but it’s his fault the club didn’t think to put something in place?

Yeah and they are normally given time to do that. Like say last weekend. But not being on twitter and not turning up for work isn’t the same thing.


To be fair, if people want to ask genuine customer service questions there is an Official WFC Twitter feed that is, in theory, manned by the media team. The majority of questions posed to Mole via his personal account are about transfers, ambition, Bonser etc - most of which he couldn’t answer even if he wanted to.




Yes but they don’t do they, he gets tagged in all sorts of rubbish people could just google, and then there is much whinging and crying when he doesn’t answer.

Now he has it’s “unprofessional”.


He is not some junior clerk though is he, he is the equivalent of a senior manager in the organisation. The “club” is not an inanimate object, it is people, one of whom is him. Anyway, I didn’t say it was his “fault” just that it is his responsibility to make sure things are in place.
■■■■ like this happens all the time - good job others have a different view of their professional responsibilities otherwise the country would grind to a halt.


No it isn’t. Certainly not if it was a spur of the moment thing, like a rush into hospital. It’s on the club, a collection of senior personnel, to do that. If you phone in work and say “Sorry I won’t be in today, my Moms been rushed into hospital” it’s not on the employee to source a replacement is it?

And like I said, not being on twitter and not being at work isn’t the same thing. We have no idea whether he was covered or not. Doesn’t look like it judging by the activity but I don’t see that as a reflection on Mole.


You operate in a different world of work to me. Senior Managers don’t disappear for a week because of issues like that. Wasn’t a bereavement or such was it.

How much time does it take to update a twitter account?