League 2 23/24

God forbid anyone think I’m being a little bit hopeful or optimistic but this car-crash of a football club (as some would have ) were 3 wins of a top ten finish this year ! .sorry to point that out I’m now going back into my sackcloth & ashes mode .

I’d doubt that Pomlett would have had the wit or foresight to do this. Which may also be libellous as a statement to that great entrepreneur of fantastic fried breakfasts to the citizens of Lichfield.

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Actually, with a solid 5k attendance it shouldn’t be that difficult. Only Bradford have made it such hardwork apart from us.

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I did . and I had the grand national winner also forecast Sunik to be prime minster .:crystal_ball:

All that says is it will be the biggest budget THEY have ever had in L2, not the biggest out of of everyone in L2 for next season (or even their own biggest ever - just the biggest for them in this division).

It tells us nothing about how our own budget will compare - but then budgets aren’t the be all and end all of deciding who will get promotion anyway, or else it wouldn’t have been Orient, Stevenage, Northampton and Carlisle going up this season.


They know exactly what they are doing. They are working towards gaining a return on their investors capital as soon as possible.

Well we moved up a few places based on this…


Apparently it was a ruff case for all involved.

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Have you got one based on players over 30? :older_man:

Especially the lead counsel?

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This doesn’t look good for Morecambe:


Or like we’ve farted and cleared the room!

We seem to have had two messages from Morecambe - this one doom and gloom and the later one (earlier in this thread) promising untold wealth. Hard to understand how the two statements are consistent but it maybe shows that, if they do spend, they are going to be creating big problems down the line.

With all the ups and downs done, the first division looks weaker nexts season, the second quite a lot stronger, the third weaker and our league stronger.

You feel we have to be significantly stronger to challenge next season.

Further up, it’s great to see the top flight with a good smattering of “smaller” clubs. Brentford, Brighton, Bournemouth, Burnley, Fulham, Luton, Sheffield Utd and Wolves makes it look very second and third division. Wonderful.


Absolutely crapping their pants they are.

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Who else is nervous for our league title next season? Seriously worried about how this club is run and the direction we have been heading since smith left. If we survive this season we should be happy

Next couple of months will tell us an awful lot about the intentions of our new owners for me


It is a concern. Normally there’s one or two basket case clubs who are a mess, but not sure that will be case next year.

It would be disappointing to finish below any of these though

  • Barrow
  • Crewe
  • Crawley
  • Colchester
  • Harrogate
  • Sutton

So on that basis, don’t think relegation is likely.

Personally I think the players we have that are still contracted are more than capable of ending up nowhere near relegation.What we add to those players will be key to how high we end up in my opinion.

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Blokes a tit