League 2 away trips


Just looking at confirmed league 2 now bar four teams and what a dire set of destinations!

Bradford, Scunny, Northampton, Oldham, Plymouth all done to death in league 1 so no interest.

People will be happy going to Crewe and Vale again, Crewe away end is just a shed and prefer likes of Burton and Coventry to Vale Park.

Cambridge and Carlisle probably aren’t bad aways but just too far to go on the rattler, it’s hardly the Stadium of Light for both grounds which is an away we only had for one season.

Colchester also takes ages and from talking to a few who’ve been souless ground in middle of nowhere.

Non league isn’t helping much either, wanted Solihull up and then probably Eastleigh as it’s right next to Southampton which is a decent city to spend a few hours in. Probably going to be Salford…Flyde if you want your Blackpool fix.

Hopefully Newport will go up from league 2 play offs as I’d certainly go to Mansfield which is nice easy away ground I’ve never been to and Forest Green just for the intrigue.

Add in Orient, Swindon (Ozzy wonder game was great in 2016) and Cheltenham and think that’s all I’ll do next season. Have I missed any hidden gems?

League one is a pretty good league for nice mix of established clubs with good grounds on hard times (Sheffield United, Blackburn, Sunderland etc) and then plenty of local clubs so that’s one aspect I’m going to miss for next few years as someone who goes to more aways than home games over a season.

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Afew nice weekenders there, i just hope the seasiders are in the warmer months



Morecambe away on a Tuesday night in December. Bliss.



I can’t wait for Crawley and Stevenage…



Exeter. Right on the Exmouth -Exeter railway , so no lack of choice for places to stay.

Crewe is actually easier on public transport. for me than Bescot .



Plenty of guest houses in Torquay or Paignton… bring your buckets and spades



Bradford can get in the bin. I absolutely hate it, along with Scunthorpe and Oldham. Don’t think I’ll bother with them.

Looking forward to a few more local games such as Vale, Crewe, Cheltenham and hopefully Mansfield. Ideally Tranmere go up as I want to go back to Newport, and Forest Green will be an experience. Other than that, not really too bothered. Hopefully get Exeter at a decent time of the year, August bank holiday would be nice.

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Superb place to stay

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Dungheaps the lot. I bet they’re really happy to see us too…

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I’ll be living and working in London from September so pleased there are several decent fixtures down South.



Away days in the fourth division are fine so long as we’re having a season like 79/80, 94/5, and 06/07. They’re dire if its like 90-94. I would love a season like 06/07 after the last 3 years to be honest.



Exactly. A fixture that looks pretty drab from here can take on a whole new level of attraction if the lads are flying and we’re taking nearly a thousand everywhere. If we’re 18th and we’re down to the 150 then it remains drab.



Had a look at all the grounds I’ve not visited yet, and all look depressing, aside from Exeter, and Orient.

AFC Fyldes ground looks mildly interesting though tbf.



Those two interest me most too



It’ll be nice to play some old friends who we haven’t played for years,brings back some good memories.:grinning:



I think the only ones we haven’t played in League One since 2007 are Macclesfield, Cambridge, Grimsby, Morecambe, Newport, Mansfield, Forest Green and Salford/Fylde.

The list of ‘done to death in League One’ is quite long - Bradford, Scunthorpe, Plymouth, Tranmere, Oldham, Swindon, Carlisle, Crewe, Port Vale, Colchester, Leyton Orient, Northampton…

I highly doubt our away followings will be anything like 06/07, even if we are doing well.



Me neither, I live 10 minutes away from Stevenage so I get home real quick!



I live in North Wales, so all the places I’ve never been to are ■■■■■■■ miles away, Colchester is over 5 hours away :roll_eyes:



Im looking forward to Colchester, not just for the football, we have friends there and it is steeped in roman history, a weekender i think :upside_down_face:



Don’t forget your toga.

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