League 2 - Best Matchday Experiences

We rank a lowly 18th according to this article. Bitterly disappointing if true, obviously none of those who have voted have experienced the undercroft between 2 and 2:40 on a Saturday afternoon.

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I would think a trip to WS1 for most away fans would generally be a miserable experience. A pretty crappy away end full of pillars adjacent to industrial units with naff all on the vicinity.

A lot of reviews of supporters thoughts on trips to our place make for grim reading. Its not that enticing for home fans if im honest, although it picked up a bit compared with prior seasons.

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Bradford at number 2 and Doncaster at number 8 are a lie.

Both very poor away days.

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Walsall away would be alright I’ve always found

Decent away end, the choice of a lovely session in brum or frequent Walsall town where there’s still some good pubs.

Opinions I guess


Bradford is a horrendous away day

Any London venue for me, a fantastic base for any long weekend


Ive enjoyed several trips to Bradford. Never seen us win mind but always enjoyed the walk down Manningham (think its that) to get various assortments of kebabs and spicy stuff.

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That’s a destination experience not a match day experience.

Yeah i meant any football ground in and around the London area
Wimbledon Sutton Gillingham etc etc, London is a great base to use while visiting these grounds

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Obviously the survey was done before The Locker was opened…

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It doesnt exactly set out the criteria in the article, but mentions pubs and transport so it’s not just at and in the ground.

In which case afc Wimbledon being top is confusing, its a half hour walk from the tube, and not alot round there from what I saw, whereas plenty round Gresty Rd and a mainline railway station next door and thats below us! Same with MK Dons theres a TGI Fridays and the like but not alot else and its some distance from public transport links. I wouldnt read much into it.

If I was an away fan travelling to Bescot, id be drinking in Brum and getting the train to Bescot to get in the ground just before kick off.


Probably an article written by an intern journo based on his mates’ perception rather than any reality.

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It’s based on google reviews

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Never trust Google, then!

The away day experience in real life is going to be subjective from club to club.

I’d imagine Walsall to be a decent one, easy to get to on the train for most clubs. Half hour train journey from Brum. I guess if you are looking for a pub around the ground you are out of luck and going into Town isn’t all that advisable for away fans. A bit of planning goes a long way for away days.


I didnt even bother reading that far in the intro, but yeah so it is. in which case meaningless lol.

Like Chunkster I like London away days based on the whole day out, I also like a midweek away day in the back of beyond so I can go on my own in the motor and get some peace and quiet and catch up on some podcasts lol.


It’s not that advisable for anyone these days mate! lol

True, I never go into Town now, used to go all the time. Last time I went was a mini UTS meet up last game of the season the season before last.

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Is it? 20 minutes on the train from Leeds city centre? When I went which was ages ago were housed in the ancient stand behind the goal but I think smaller allocations get the touchline stand now right by the corner flag so I presume better views and facilities in that one?

Odd ground with it being on the slope but I enjoyed my trip up there.

Grounds around Manchester for me although losing Rochdale and Oldham has been a bugger.
Also like Tranmere and Accrington.

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