League 2 Budgets

Pomlett talks a lot of shit though.


Fking big time you’d wish the bloke would just pipe down :rofl:


You have to admit Pomlett was right about one thing. All of our Midland rivals, especially Villa, have heavily invested in their squads this summer for fear of us overtaking them…


Flynn said it was not top 10 if i remember i would believe him over Pomlett.

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Pomlett initially said top 7, but then backtracked and said top ten. That was a couple of seasons ago now though, probably not top ten now.


Would agree, I would not have expected it to be any higher given the loss and all of the supposed big earners leaving in July.

I suppose we wont know fully what out budget is until FM24 comes out.


There will undoubtedly be exceptions to prove the rule but average attendance tables tend to reflect budgets. There will be some who have low crowds with rich owners whilst others with large crowds with other significant outgoings.

Last season we were 12th in the attendance table in the fourth division (we are soooo 4th division!). The ups and downs will probably mean we drop at least one place this season.

Which on this very rule of thumb will mean our budget will be around 13th in the division. I doubt that’ll be too far out.

The good news is that the lower down you go, the less budget determines the outcome. A big budget gives you an advantage but is no guarantee.

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I reckon our budget is about 15th in the league, no evidence to support this, but that’s how it feels

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I’d say thats fair mate i know it’s not the be all and end all but it does help and is part of our problem expected a bit more with Trivela on that side.

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I would have thought to maintain incremental growth then the budget would need to match that objective.

Reality is none of us knows, can only judge what they turn out on a match day.


Problem is PT we’ve had money come into the club on a number of occasions, and this hasn’t gone back into the playing side.

Attendance wise, along with our banqueting facilities, Villa ladies rent, two pre season sell outs , market, FA Cup run, advertising board., reduction in rent …I’d expect us to be punching towards the top of league 2 for income.

Add to that the Rico money, Jules , Adebayo , Clarke pay off, etc, I personally can’t see any increase in the budget.

This was the driver to make us competitive, I’m not sure what more the club can do.

Oh I missed off increase in sales , and the link up with Poundland … our largest ever sponsorship deal :smirk:


Reminds me of the scene in OFAH where Rodney is transported into the future and he is working for his evil nephew Damien, that could be Nassef’s grandchildren working for Pomlett’s in another 100 years :joy: