League Cup 1st Round Draw

High quality journalism from the Express and Dingle, copy, paste, move paragraphs around.

The general standard has got better from the Express and Star lately but that Hatfield guy is ■■■■■■■ useless.

He’s the one who writes no fresh rumours under our transfer column every week despite making more moves than most clubs already, but does find the time to link some player that doesn’t even play for WBA anymore to somebody random just cos.

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I’m putting a few quid on drawing Wrexham in the 1st round of the FA Cup.

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I am looking forward to this tie - should have all the elements of a cracking away fixture.

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This is a very pleasing draw for the Liverpool branch.

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Its certainly an interesting draw, and im sure Cookie will get the ovation he deserves.

Even if he scores, knocks us out im fine with it. Not because I don’t want to win, but because our focus should be 100 percent on the league this season, and not returning to the non league hell hole. Obviously a cup run is great to clubs like us, but we definitely don’t want to return there :slight_smile:


Bought a new set of locking wheel nuts for this one.Always enjoy a ttip to Tranmere.

Last visit some young scallies offered to ‘protect’ my car for a fiver!
Love Liverpool (haha!) little wonder a shiphole like Hull became city of culture!

There was a joke about a guy who parked his car and was approached by a young kid offering to look after his car for a fiver. The guy said that’s alright my dogs in the car. He’ll take care of it. To which the kid replied “Does your dog put out fires then?”


I have a memory of a post of that story years ago on UTS. Never knew if it was a joke or a real story. Probably wrong, but in my mind it was @P.T that posted it.

Having lived here for 45 years I wouldn’t agree with your assessment of Hull. There were some brilliant things associated with City of Culture & a lot of positives came out of it. Like anywhere it’s got its negative side, but we do airbnb and a lot of visitors told us how impressed they were…

Yep. Guilty. I don’t know if true either as I’d heard the story told as a true one but from memory (it was probably over ten years ago) it was one of those friend of a friend type tales.

I think I’ll leave the car at home and train it there with a taxi home (not that they like crossing to the other side) so well up for a pint.

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Knew a Tranmere fan at Uni. He hated Liverpool and Everton and was claiming Wirral as an independent county, the little he wanted to do with Merseyside. :joy:

Always used to amuse me with his local rumours of what Gerrard had been up to off the pitch (was around the time he got arrested for a bar brawl in Southport).

I do remember I’d started following Walsall around that time and remembered Edrissa Sonko who Tranmere had signed that seaason. Mentioned it to him and quick as a flash said “Sonko is s***” which echoed round the Geography lecture room…

Anyway also found Tranmere a decent club and obviously similar on many levels to Walsall. Felt wrong them being in non league last few years, they’re a comfortable mid table 2nd/3rd division club.

My girlfriend said to me:”Kiss me where it smells of fish”…so I took her to Hull.

There used to be a fish meal factory which if the wind was in the wrong direction was a bit grim but all that’s long gone after the Cod Wars were lost years ago…
Mrs Hullsaddler was once on a jury where a guy was charged with ‘Stealing a jumbo haddock from the fish docks.’ Guilty, was fined but more importantly lost his job.

I have just realised that i am liking peoples posts that were posted weeks ago :joy:

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That reminds me of a story Jeffrey Barnard used to tell. An acquaintance got prosecuted for stealing a sausage roll off a BR buffet. For the rest of his life , he was known as “The Sausage Bandit.”

BR sausage roll? Was he unwell?

Only after eating it :joy:

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Apparently the Judge said it was the Wurst case of Fayre Dodging he had come across, but as he had clearly fallen on Lard times, decided not to make him do porridge.

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