League position

Is anyone old enough to remember when we were in a lower position in the league. I have been a fan since 1969 and can’t remember being lower even in the Hibbitt years.

I was only just saying this the other day to my son . I cant remember being this low and I hate the thought we could be bottom of the 92 clubs in a few games time. I hope we start winning soon starting tonight UTS

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The only way is up … hopefully!

A fellow fan said to me the other day that this is the lowest position that I had seen since I started going regularly which was late 79

91 at the moment

If results go against us tonight we could be bottom of the league…

Not quite - there are 3 below us (out of just 91 rather than 92 with the demise of Bury).

Before kick off at Northampton we were absolute bottom (alphabetically at least).

PS Other clubs have been here or lower and still made it to the EPL in a very short space of time.

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I don’t recall a lower position since 4 divisions were formed although we finished bottom of the old Third Division(South) several times in the 1950s…just before my time I hasten to add.