League Two Silly Season

Grimsby complete the hat trick of trigger pulling L2 clubs this week.

Don’t they understand this bloke masterminded their first win away at Walsall in a century? What now for the statue of him? Perhaps he’ll now be depicted gripping his P45, presumably with notes for his planned memoir, ‘I just picked Hanson’ on the back.

Mind, 7 games without a win, who survives that sort of run? :wink:

Michael Jolley: Grimsby Town part company with manager https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50434574

If the tinkerman picks another ‘defensive’ line up on Saturday, after an attack minded set of kids won 6-0 in midweek, and we lose… again, he might just be a candidate!

Carlisle, Orient, Grimsby,

DC must look at that and think jesus im a lucky boy,

Hope our faith in our manager pays off…


Grimsby, Orient, Carlisle, Morecambe, Oldham and Macclesfield all got rid of their bosses this season

I bet Paul Hurst and Darrell are worried now. Should we lose against Cambridge then I think serious questions should be asked.,

Must win saturday cant belive we could go bottom 92nd in the football league christ .I know he says its a rebuild but something has to be asked if this carries on. Other teams woulnt carry on like this

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Apparently the Board weren’t too unhappy with the results, what did for him was that the players looked terrible in training. :smiley:


Cant believe we are below Macclesfield.

Fined by FA after their youth/loan players lost 4-0 to Kingstonian and now planning on boycotting tomorrow’s game if they arent paid by 6pm.

We can’t on Saturday because Stevenage aren’t playing. Give it time though…………………

And being pedantic - worst we can be this season is 91st anyway (does that sound any better? :roll_eyes:)

Serious questions have been asked for weeks now,how much more serious can the serious questions get…:grinning:


Bloody hell, that’s a bit harsh. Clarke must be thinking that at almost any other club in this league he’d be gone. I just hope our patience pays off and that he remembers this time if he comes good and there’s interest in him!


It’s the 4 promotions in 8 seasons that gives him more leeway, see.

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The only thing I remember about the Grimsby manager was him childishly kicking the ball away from our players. For this reason, Im not too sad about his loss of employment.

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I think we have given him more leeway than other managers because of the situation we have at the club, with the (supposed) takeover by LP, fans don’t want to seem to be complete arses by deriding the current set up. But what fans have got to realise is we may have a new owner but the staff are still the same, lose on saturday and new owner or not fans (especially saddlers fans) won’t be so forgiving.


Was similar last season, pretty sure DK of all the managers in bottom 8 from January last season was last one to lose his job (maybe could class Robinson at Oxford but really they were out of it from early April).

Of course managers should be given time but sometimes it’s best to make a change and get a short term impact.

Next week going to decide lots. Going out of the cup and not getting win from these two home games, I’d be surprised if he stayed on.

Club would be looking at the millions of games in December and the short term boost getting someone else in would provide.


I agree. I’m still on his side for now, although I am questioning him loads. But yeah, I think fail to win any of the two league games and get dumped out of the cup and I’d begin to think we might need a change.

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Not always that Jolley then? :flushed:

I’ll get my coat…

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A shame he lost his job for what he said rather than football reasons :roll_eyes:

I do not know how we are so low in this division. Some of them teams in the bottom half are dire. I am saying, We will get better and we are not as bad as all them. Will not take much to be pushing for the play-offs. That must be the aim.

Crawley’s turn to pull the trigger.

Gabriele Cioffi: Crawley Town part company with head coach after 14 months https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50634047