Learning from other clubs


Feel that we are way behind other clubs in many ways. Clubs that we visited towards end of season.
Accrington Stanley
An enthusiastic chairman Andy Holt. He continually connects with fans through social media etc and does special offers for fans. There fans cant speak highly enough of him
Doncaster Rovers
Every time we play there a supporter liason officer contacts all our fans sites welcoming us giving us all info such as where to park/eat/drink etc. Does anybody from our club liase with supporters like this guy. Think Doncaster won family club of year. They have a fantastic club side of ground really welcoming and reasonably priced even have a kids fanzone in away end there mascot and our Swifty(He must have flew there) were entertaining the kids. Stewards were friendly and helpful
Both these clubs had fan zones outside there grounds although the Shrewsbury one wasn’t probably welcoming Wycombe was brilliant. Fans mixed in a great atmosphere why cant we do something like this? Anybody whos been to The Albion or any premier league club and visited these fan zones know they are great the club would make a fortune and enhance the fan experience.
Just some little ideas you hear of all little things clubs do occasionally like offer a free pie or do one away game free travel would love our club to try some new ideas to attract and keep new fans.



They gave the stadium a lick of paint… what more do you want ? :thinking::thinking::thinking:



Our club doesn’t operate according to a modern, progressive business model intent on growing a fan base. They’ve barely tried anything to improve the match day experience and attract new supporters. Ultimately, they’re labouring under the misapprehension that what they do is enough, that merely attending the game is worth the ticket price and that the service they provide is adequate. In reality, it’s been overtaken by clubs in the Conference.

With the closure of the Saddlers Club, there isn’t even anywhere local for even away fans to drink or gather before the game.



As long as enough of us needed to pay the rent keep turning up then why would they inconvenience themselves in trying to attract more?



‘But We drained the excess urine from the toilets, urine that you, the fans caused. What more can we do?’



Go to a few away grounds and even some of the lower ones have statues outside the ground to honour a player/manager/club servant.

Peterborough had one of Chris Turner. Ex player, manager and owner of theirs.

Obviously not going to happen under the current set up but hopefully in 20 years time when Bonser clan is well out of the club and a more forward thinking ownership is hopefully in charge and talking to fans, just wondering who would be a good candidate for that? Graydon, Barrie Blower?



No doubt Bonser will put up a statue of himself with the placard underneath saying “Walsall’s Number 1 Fan and Rent Collector”



Mole and Gamble believe they are pioneers of the game, so no chance.



A statue is a great idea. What about half time entertainment (know most fans are in the bar if youre lucky enough to get served) but we don’t do anything anymore what happened to the crossbar challenge? Gave fans a chance to remember something when they went on pitch.There was easter eggs being handed out recently to the kids they all seemed really happy but that was organised by the issa not the club I think.Only little things but little things help. The Ray Graydon ale somebody mentioned it on here get that back on. Theres room outside the ground why not set a pop up bar,put some music on cheer us all up.

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There’s a hundred or more things they could do if they thought about it, @prideofthemidlands, but thinking requires a brain capable of creativity. You won’t get off our board. Cronies, yes men and impotents.



As this topic is ‘learning from other clubs’. Let me share my recent experience of a trip to watch Lillestrom here in Norway. I guess most people would consider Lillestrom a fairly big club, but the town itself has a population smaller than Bloxwich. The club seemed to do very little to help supporters; facilities were a bit rubbish to be honest but the supporters did a lot themselves. I guess this would be called ‘ultra culture’ which I appreciate folks aren’t into but maybe one or two things can be learnt here:

  • Nominated fan bar in town with match day specials, flags put out by fans, great atmosphere.
  • Fan merchandise stall outside the ground. Fan made t-shirts etc.
  • Banner display before kick off to help the atmosphere.

Clearly the big problems at the Bescot are the club and its attitude, but I still love my home town team, perhaps we could start to force the atmosphere issue…that would be my wish. I appreciate though the stadium and its lack of facilities has sucked the life and enthusiasm out of folks.



The only place that I’d erect a stature of Jeef would be somewhere where there are a lot of pigeons!



A statue of Ray Graydon would be good though



And it might cost them a few bob in the short-term so that would put them off. You do get the impression that as long as the rent is paid to the pension fund then they’re not that bothered about anything else. Well, the Golden Goose is dying a slow, painful death and is in desperate need of resuscitation. Only one man can change things - time to loosen the purse strings Jeef and invest in the club for once.



We are so far behind most, we still haven’t got working toilets FFS.

Can you imagine Bonser giving out a free pie/beer on a Tuesday night cup replay when its freezing cold :rofl:. Things like this are token, but they go along way. Its stuff that gets remembered.

We just dont feel a very inclusive club at the moment, which is sad, because Walsall has always had a community feeling about it. I’m sure it still does a lot with Schools, something i wouldn’t have a clue about to be honest. The fans are a bit divided at the moment too which adds to this feeling, but that division is caused by crap football.

As for the Saddlers club, surely every club has a a clubhouse except us? Surely its a little goldmine for Walsall to re open too? Do it up, put sky tv on, sell beer. Its not rocket science is it.

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I wonder what the cost of doing this is. Fairly knackered in there.

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I dont know what its like in there to be honest.

Ifs its too costly, knock it down, and build a fancy beer shed. :rofl: Im sure there are cheap ways of constructing bars.

I cant imagine it costs so much its impossible, its just apathy.



Structure is fine. I agree it should be renovated and re-opened, could be a superb place. I wish the club would be open and state what they think about it all and future plans. If there aren’t any please tell us too. It’s all hidden behind a smoke screen of rent and payments.



The Saddlers club was run into the ground by the last Committee. Rumour has it it was usurped by a bunch of baggies with nothing better to do. Regardless, since it was opened it’s been let go, and now, apparently, needs a small fortune spending on it to bring it up to scratch.

This is where the club could actually do something. We have a deadline for next season’s opening day, and if the club supported the fans, with cash for necessities, I’m sure there’d be some free labour from them to get things done in time. Meantime it’s sitting there like a derelict box of bricks, testament to the shambles our club is becoming.



Just look at Darragh mcanthony at posh, would give anything for a chairman like him, backs the club, backs the fans and more importantly he’s always interacting with fans on twitter about club affairs, transfers etc, I found myself watching his q&a on twitter with 3board members, fry and Ferguson. Could you imagine bonser doing that? COULD YOU HECK!! Too busy making sure the rent book isn’t in arrears