No this isn’t a political post…

As a fellow lefty I wanted to ask…

who is the best left footed player we have ever had?
Who was the best left footed left back we have ever had?
Who was the best left footed centre half we have had?
Who was the best left footed left midfielder we have ever had?
Who is the best left footed centre midfielder? (including cdm/cam)
Who is the best left footer striker we have ever had ?
Who was the best left back/left midfield partnership?
What is the best left footed goal you have seen scored by a Walsall FC player ?

And FINALLY when was the last time we had a front two were both were left footed players?


Did Junior hit his 30 yard screamer with his left?



Jeff Peron was pretty classy, he’s in there.
We’ve had some terrific left backs, and Caswell, Fry and Harrison could play either flank.
Best actual left footed left back. Be Bop Padula perhaps? Not here for long, alas, but like Peron, as classy as flip. Mind you, I thought Neil Pointon was fantastic. Rico Henry was a bit special too.

Ada at centre back, please.

Pedro had some great moments, but he was a bit like the girl with the curl, when he was good, he was very very good, when he was bad he was horrid (usually away from home). Junior was another Mr Inconsistent but when he was on song he was the dogs wotsits.

That Keates bloke was a good lad, not sure what happened to him?

Best left footed goal? I’m thinking of The Buck. Great goal against Bury in 1975, he hooked it in from the edge of the box, although I await someone telling me it was his right foot, it was a long time ago and I get mixed up, great goal anyhow. He scored a real sniffers goal against (I think) Sheff Utd at the Street End, drifted past a couple of defenders and drove the ball into the top corner from 10 or 12 yards with his left, typical Buckley. Junior got a spectacular one, but can’t think who it was against.

We’ve had a few good free kicks over the years, the Leahy one the other week was a good 'un, but Shakey is the man for me. A couple of his were bosters, can’t remember the games, but I think Chelsea was one. Saw Mick Evans get a couple as well. Matt Richards was poor, but could pull a spectacular free-kick out from time to time.

I didn’t see Cannonball Taylor, except right at the end when he was past his best.

I nearly forgot Kyle, I loved watching him play, even on the left wing (ffs what was that about?)

And finally, a big shout to my favourite left footed Saddler (and I bet a lot of you will say the same if you are old enough) the wonderful David Preece. For about 18 months he was the best I’ve seen in a Walsall shirt.


If we can add the best left footed assist, has to be this from Neil Pointon…


Oh yes, what a goal, what a game.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen that goal since the actual game. Tricky cove, Johnny Memory, if you’d asked me to describe the goal five minutes ago, I’d have said Points got to the by-line and pulled it back for Rambo. That’s how I see it in my head. Nowhere even bloomin’ close :smiley:


That goal was immense, and the release of energy from the Gilbert Alsop intense!

Sjoke never recovered from that goal, spiralling off the abyssal shelf and dragging the cretinous Brian Little along with them.


We’re talking Sjoke here, so surely it’s an abysmal shelf. :joy:




Remember it being a full house and an electric atmosphere.

Stoke just never recovered from that goal and I’m sure I remember Lightbourne being subbed pretty soon after.


Good memories.


Best left footed goal; Craig Shakespeare vs Chelsea in mid 80s. Hit from about 70 yards out…top corner.


Cannonball Colin Taylor, no more needs to be said about any other player ever to have worn a Walsall shirt!


Absolutely with knobs on :soccer::running_man:


Left back… Padula was quality… Rico was (hopefully still is) the most talented kid we’ve produced in donkeys years.


Aranalde and Leitao were a great left combination.


Chris Marsh was left footed wasn’t he? Difficult to tell with all the stepovers.


Little Mini up at Anfield, how good was he that night? Best player on the pitch.
From about Crimble 1982 to the end of 83-84 he was the best I’ve seen playing for WFC.

Fantasy time, the Mini of that period playing behind The Buck of 73 to 78.


Mini was fantastic that night even the scousers was asking about him.
Cannonball was something else if he missed everybody in the street end ducked ya da want to get hit by anything he hit.


And a proper ball he hit not a placo ball they play with today.


Colin the Cannon was a red-haired wonder. I had a friend from Newcastle when they bought him just after we had been promoted. We got him back soon after for a good profit, but my Newcastle mate was not impressed.
I was brought up on the combative,whole-hearted full-back play of the late Bill (Chopper) Guttridge. He was not the classiest left-back, but very few wingers got past him. Sadly he would not have lasted five minutes today.