Pity Taylor was before the mass video coverage it would be a joy to look back on.


Willie Naughton deserves a shout. Left footed left winger.


Scott Houghton could also be impressive working the left wing.

Although no-one came close to Colin Taylor if it’s left wingers under discussion.


Neil Pointon was fantastic that Season, loved him to bits. A proper Pro who still loved his football and could actually still do it at 34. Great organiser.

He didnt start too bad the following season IMO in The Championship , not ideal having Daley/Mavrak in front of him either. Padula turned up and Pointon was out the door before we knew it.

We love you Neil!


Kenny Mower & Willie Naughton , the throw in sequence down the left side was like a well oiled machine … every single time :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Only one choice for me - Peron


Wayne Evans. Maestro.


Mick (chopper) Evans, proper left back, would have kicked his gran!!!


Was superb. Loved Willie, slowest winger in the league


Jeff Peron and Kyle Lighbourne must be amongst the best attacking wise for me.


He beat the player and then had to beat the player again and so on down the wing as he hadn’t got the pace to leave anyone behind :rofl:


I remember having to sit amonst the Chelsea fans at the Bridge after our promotion and their relegation, as we were “banned” by the FA, and when Willie came out one loud mouth, started to call him a Weeble, after the Weebles wobble but they dont fall down, TV advert. Suffice to say by the end of the game, though we had lost, Willie had earned the Chelsea fans grudging respect.


He and Kenny weren’t bad snooker player’s either as they both used to go to old hall snooker club in Bloxwich after training and if I wasn’t mistaken he also liked the Guinness :+1: