Legends Calendar

Legends calendar in aid of Acorns

Very happy to receive one of these this morning. We have sort of touched on the whole legend bit in other threads recently but just wondering what others think of the selection to make the calendar. Only got 12 months to fill so they can’t include everyone and have to make some judgment calls.

Absolutely Colin Taylor, Gilbert Alsop, and the Buck - but no John Richards? Is Vinnie Samways more a Walsall legend than Merson? And no room for Ian Roper, Mark Rees or Bernie Wright? Bill Moore and Sir Ray but not Chris Nichol or Dicky Dosh?

Maybe we need a year with more months in it …

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If Baxendale and Makris aren’t in it then it’s a disgrace.

Depends what people class as getting you legendary status. For me you either have to be at the club for loads of years, hold a record at the club during your time there such appearances, goals etc, or do something which will go down in history there. For a manager that could be a promotion, for a player though I think it needs to be multiple promotions.

Ability alone can’t make you a legend at a club in my opinion.

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I think The Wolves wanted him for theirs. :laughing:

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:flushed: So embarrassing! I of course meant Tony.

Not Matt? :joy:

Baxendale wouldn’t appear until December 29th

no evran wright?

whats the full line up just wondered?

Front cover: Report of playoff final against Reading

Jan: Wacka
Feb: The Buck
Mar: Jorge
Apr: Alan Clarke
May: Gilbert Alsop
Jun: Bill Moore
Jul: Sir Ray
Aug: “Young” Colin Harrison
Sep: Vinny Samways
Oct: Colin Taylor
Nov: Group photo from one of the halftime Legends appearances at the Banks’s (can’t name them all!)
Dec: A bromantic pic of Brian Taylor and George Andrews

Back cover: Images of Fellows Park


Could have done some small insert pics. Even then some peoples faves would have been left out.

Surprised mads timm didn’t make it on

You have to understand it was done at very short notice. Within a few days of an idea by Steve Davies he had to find a sponsor and find someone to print it and get it all done before the Macclesfield game so he could sell the initial batch. There was the added problem of trying to find quality pictures from the Fellows Park days so it was a bit rushed. Steve plans it to be an annual calendar and will have more time to find and use better quality pics for this time next year. Leigh Pomlet was very supportive and he chose two of the subjects featured.


Not knocking it, know it’s for a very good cause - just making a talking point of the choices included.


I’d say the only dubious one on there is Vinny Samways. Now I happen to think he was the finest footballer ever to play for us but there was no longevity about his Walsall career and, indeed, he tailed off dramatically, seemingly in a dispute about whether he was allowed to train locally in Spain and fly over for matches.


How about doing it next year? Can choose a completely different set of legends. Mick Kearns anyone?

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Drunken thoughts, how about 3 legends per month, with each month being allocated to a position and 12th as manager?

January: Goalkeepers, Wacka, Kearns & Green
February: Right Backs

Etc …

December: Managers, Sir Ray, Money & Nichol

Should make a Leg-Ends version too.

January - Andy Petterson
February - Luke Leahy


That’s the plan. Its not going to be a one off this year but an annual thing. As long as there’s sufficient interest and enough for a print run it will continue for many years. Not just players but teams and images from historical events too. It was only lack of time this year that prevented a better selection there was simply not enough time.


I will get one next time. I had already bought 2 other calendars when i found out about the Legends one.