Legends wall vote

The club are organising voting for who goes on the legends wall in the community hub.
voting is now underway for the first of these on twitter:
current status:

[Walsall FC Official

The first of our polls for the Legends Wall in the Community Hub is for your all time favourite goalkeeper

Cast your vote below
Mick Kearns 8.7%

Jimmy Walker 70.8%

Clayton Ince 8.1%

Neil Etheridge 12.5%

Looks like Jimmy is a cert for this one! :grinning:

And so he should be.

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All-time favourite … or best since we moved to Bescot? Otherwise, I would suggest that Bert Williams and Phil Parkes (England internationals), Mark Wallington, Roy John (Walsall’s first ever international player (Wales))
If restricted to that list, both JW (most WFC appearances) and MK (most international caps while a Walsall player) have strong claims - room for both? I’m not counting Etheridge’s caps (nor Ince’s for that matter)!!!

How Etheridge got in front of O’Donnell and also how he’s got more votes than Kearns, I’ll never know.

This is wrong, where the hell is king Clayton Ince

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Also, no Fred Barber?
Ron Green
Steve Cherry.

All the above would get in before Etheridge


Coming 4th on that list…

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Ron Green is an excellent shout.

But, to be honest, for all he’s done for the club and for the love he’s shown it over decades, there shouldn’t even be a vote for this one. Mick Kearns has to be chosen. People use the term “Walsall legend” about players who come and go. Mick is Mr Walsall, and a thoroughly nice gent as well.


I don’t doubt that mick is mr Walsall and a great servant .But anyone voting under 40 will never have seen mick play and will obviously vote for our record appearance holder that is the legend jimmy walker.

I think all these votes are going to be heavily weighted towards the last 20 years. How is Scott Dann even an option on the defenders list… great player but only played 50 games for us…

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The obvious thing to do is to have a graphic that merges left to right, black and white to colour, older legends to new. Then you can have all generations involved.


Bloody hell, didn’t even notice ! Whoops

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And was off at the first sign of extra money!

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Looking at the player options on the Saddlers site it looks like someone is choosng to forget supporters over 60 or 70 like with covid. I know it’s an impossible task but to call it a legends wall without the likes of Albert Mac, Colin Taylor, Tony Richards, Nick Atthey and Allan Clarke just to name a few is a travesty.


The spiel on the OS is that the shortlist to be voted on was drawn up based on some sort of “pick a 5-a-side team” thing they ran on social media recently, broken down by decade from the 70s onwards.

Didn’t someone from ISSA also say on here that, as the sponsors of this part of the refurb, they had chosen their own Legends? So guessing these will have been taken out of the choices being offered to fans to vote on (5 decades, only 4 options on the Twitter poll).

But yes, it seems that 60s and earlier have been forgotten - maybe the club also had their own choices and have already bagged Gilbert Alsop etc?

Aren’t these 2 separate areas?
This is the community hub under the family stand and wasn’t the ISSA one in the refurbished Bescot Bar?

Sorry if I’m not fully up to speed with what’s happening. Might have come to this late in the day and yes Gilbert Alsop also a definite.

The OS says it’s sponsored by ISSA so assuming Community Hub is the new name for the revamped Bescot Bar.

Isn’t the one under the family stand the Fan Zone?

The accepted definition of a football club legend seems to be someone who achieved something special whether it be longevity of service, winning something, or even just a special moment in the club’s history so there are plenty of omissions from the list on the club website and a few gate crashers.

Just to stir things up I find it amusing to see Shakey listed as attacker in the 5 a side list. Yes he had a hard shot and scored a few spectacular goals including one long range free kick at Plymouth which gained me a fiver from a home fan who challenged my comment that he would score. However in my opinion he was somewhat lucky to have such a good playing career and my memory suggests that he was similar to the crab the nickname given to Ray Wilkins because of his style of playing safe often sideways passes and so made few mistakes. I respect the fact that others will disagree.