Legends wall vote

I have had a roll of honour done Andy. Of all those who contributed, To the cost of getting it all done which. Issa handed over the sum of 5k to pay for all the vinyls

I have had Royston’s name added in the loving memory section of said roll of honour which will be a prominent feature. On one of the walls

I thought it only right that Royston was. Remembered in recognition of what he did for fans for many years , and was. Proud to have him featured in our efforts, and it’s a fitting tribute to him from us at Issa


Didn’t Fred Barber start getting abuse from fans after we lost 7-0 to Chelsea?

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There is hardly a player who hasn’t been abused some time or other but his masks would be useful now. He was clearly a man ahead his time :grinning:


Don’t mention that to geordiesaddler!


Why isn’t the wall split for Walsall produce (players that have gone left Walsall and had very successful careers, i.e. Ricketts, Dann) and Walsall Legends (has to have played a minimum of 100 games, been a fan’s favourite and a true saddler, i.e. Leitao).

Surely a community room should celebrate our community and the players we have produced/developed

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People will be surprised at how big the area is now
It incorporates. A new set of changing rooms also for. The Astro pitches

On another note The perimeter wall immediately in front of. Where the. Walkway to the Bescot bar was. Ie the tunnel leading to the bar from lower tier , has partly been knocked down, To create a walkway onto the playing surface

This is where the away teams will enter the pitch from they will change and shower in the new facilities, they won’t use. The. Away dressing rooms. For the time being. Only Walsall players and officials will emerge from the. Original entrance.

As said the area is huge now and. Many players will feature in the vinyl skins being produced , Think fans will love the finished product


I think it is one of those were you aren’t going to please everyone. There are obviously stand out players, but everyone has different opinions. Like the criteria you set for being a legend. It’s fine, but there are always going to be exceptions. Andy Rammell for instance, only played 60 odd games for us, but I definitely consider him to be a legend.

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The away team is going to come out a tunnel from the home end? :thinking:

It’s a case of doing whatever they can to fit in with the Covid rules. It must be an absolute nightmare, but seems like the club are doing a pretty good job of it all.

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The vast majority of us won’t be there to see it anyway :slightly_frowning_face:

This right is it fellas? :thinking:

Yes mate that is correct , they will change and shower from within the community hub

One thing I notice is missing - there’s no category for most legendary chairman or club secretary.

(Lights blue touchpaper and stands well back! :rofl:)

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I think Mr Fellows and Bill Harrison might qualify otherwise is there a place for a rogues gallery ?:grinning: On second thoughts Ken Wheldon probably deserves an honourable mention

Ah Bill Harrison a true saviour of the club unfortunately son Ron was not as good. I’ve got a great picture somewhere of the club officials in the time of Bill Moore when Bill Harrison was just a director for the first time. It’s notable because he’s sitting on the front row with a fag on his hand. Who the he’ll was he I hear the younger supporters asking. Think Terry Ramsden without the style.

To clarify that I mean a cigarette IN his gand😀

Ffs hand!!


Its age old chap…it happens to me all the time.You can, of course edit your post after posting!!

Bxxxxy technology.

Anyway I’m only 72 and my nephew who is 54 has the same problem but he blames big hands and predictive text😂