Leicester ticket?

Hi guys,

If anyone has a spare ticket for the Leicester game, please get in touch, unfortunately due to work I couldn’t get through on the landline (did wait 45 minutes mind) but yeah, if anyone has one, please let me know, I’ve been to every home game this season except for two (due to work) and I’m absolutely gutted I can’t get to the Leicester game :disappointed:

Thanks guys
Feel free to take the pi** out of me!:sweat_smile:

Well it’s very poor how regulars are missing out due to the poor ticketing sales.
Selling large numbers in bulk is wrong.
Best of luck getting one m8


If you get on the blower 1st thing Saturday you might be lucky as that’s when the unclaimed season ticket seats are available.
Good luck bud!

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Yeah best of luck

The club has made an absolute pigs ear of the ticket sales! Which idiot dreamed up the procedure (as well as giving Leicester 2,200 to sell)?


Mole probably


I am more disappointed by the amount they have given Leicester than by their ticket selling arrangements for our fans. At least everyone eho has brought a ticket today is a real fan who has been this season. Hope you get a ticket


Thanks guys, just managed to get through, and there’s literally zero left, oh well, managed to sort out my Swindon ticket :man_facepalming:t3:
I’ll try again Saturday first thing

Cheers guys


Just read in the email from the club confirming the sell out… Better to try online after 5pm Friday otherwise they could be gone by the time the ticket office reopens Saturday.
Good luck bud!

Got a ticket for the middle tier but it’s a junior as my lad can’t make it anymore. Dont know if this interests anyone👍

It amazes me where all these Walsall fans have suddey come from, again!!


@deanonev69 was asking on another thread if you still wanted one mate

Well I got 3 tickets today - one for me, one for my son - who also has this season booking history - and one for his deranged painter mate Dave who originates from the delves. He says he’s a Walsall fan but his last match was the Wembley piss up ( he still owes for that as well).
So - no villa mates, I refuse to have villa mates……

Be careful, not 100% certain but there looks to be some dodgy ticket “sellers” about.
Apologies if these are genuine.

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Sounds well dodgy to me “I will never miss this event for anything” WTH?? That part alone makes me think something not right with this, who would say that? Profile check may reveal something to back that up…

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It’s written i lm a lost peculiar way

It origInate’s from a Nigerian address :grin:

@blakenallsaddler @chunkster Have either of you managed to get one yet? I’m a season ticket holder but can’t make it due to living away. Happy to buy my ticket (reserved until Sat) and send you the QR code. Can send you my bank details. Let me know👍

  • Edited to say now sold to @chunkster. Sorry to others.

I didn’t even try to get one mate, i knew the way they had set up to sell them that i wouldn’t stand a chance :wink:

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Not got one myself so think i’ll have to do the same myself on fri eve.
I have a home and away booking history from this season but couldn’t get on at 9am as in work - by the time i had a break to check and try and do anything about it at 1pm, they had all gone!:confounded::man_shrugging::face_with_raised_eyebrow: