Leigh Pomlett

What’s happened to our esteemed leader?? Free drinks,photos with the fans,meet the chairman nights … apart from when we won 4 in a row & he came out with another one of his “Get down the Bescot” shouts he’s been unerringly quiet … Not the man of the people we thought he was going to be :sleepy:

I think he is on a holiday he won to Cyprus at the moment :joy:


Wasn’t it only a couple weeks ago he released an interview on the clubs YouTube channel?

What do you expect, a press conference every week? No clubs owners do that


Not really sure what people expect of him - he’s not going to be doing E&S interviews every day or reacting to results is he, that’s the coaching staff’s job. What’s he supposed to say?

He’s got a football club/mess to run, let him do his job


I’d say he’s been as vocal as he possibly can be to be fair.


I agree…



I for one am just glad that Bonser is out of the picture,Pomlett did us all a favour buying Bonser out.The least,the very least we can do is give the bloke time,he thought (as did the vast majority of UTS users) that bringing in DC was a master stroke,I can still hear all the ooh’s & aah’s on UTS as the announcements came day after day,Stewart new striker coach,ooh! Sinclair & Clarke sign aah! we’ve paid money to get 2 defenders in ooh! oh great,he’s got rid of the old coaching staff and brought his own in aah! But the biggest ooh or aah was for the fact that Pomlett had bought out Bonser…give the guy a chance to do an unenviable job,and thanks to Bonser,with a tiny budget.


He’s certainly good at blowing his own trumpet.

Wake up and smell the coffee. Bonsor hasn’t gone anywhere he’s still running the show from behind the scenes. Pomlett just stepped forward to take the pressure off bonsor and get more bums on seats at the bescot. Dean keates was the first move that didn’t work and we went down and now pomlett was the next move. Nothings changed whatsoever. Until bonsor sold the ground I don’t believe for one second regardless who claims their chairman that bonsor isn’t still running the show. The whole thing stinks and the club is falling cause every last dime has been sucked out the club while us fans are expected to turn out 5000+ every home game, it’s laughable it really is.


I won’t be breaking out the tinfoil until we actually know the figures involved with our budget compared to the rest of the league. And that won’t be until the end of the season.

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I like a good conspiracy theory,is Dean Keates still picking the team?


Klopp could be picking the team, the manager still has their hands tied with bonsor shoestring budget. Theory or not, bonsor still taking everything out the club and pomlett showed nothing which suggests he’s actually running the club. He’s just another yes man. We’ve gotta be the most fickle fans going and we wonder why bonsor managed to get away with it all these years

What makes you say this?

I wouldn’t say fickle i would say more gullible


Interesting development

As the article says, he said he was going to do this when he took over so that he could spend more time actually at the club and run it hands on.

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Pity the players don’t show the same commitment,to be honest I’ve never understood how people can make the time to commit to so many directorships,well done Leigh…:+1:

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Agreed …this story rather spoils some of the conspiracy theories around.


Fair play he said he was going to do this and has done so now to phase 2 of his freight and logistics plan which is planning a road to recovery and delivering success to our beloved football club

Why let the truth get in the way of good story

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