LETTERS to Express and Star

Just thinking. Our communication strategy needs revising. Our emails to the Slo and the club probably just get thrown in the bin. A better strategy would be to write to the Express and Star. They would make headlines out of it. It’s about shifting newspapers at the end of the day

I’m up for it. Anyone else?

I dont know about others with everything being computer/pads and phones I think I have forgot how to write in analogue, and TBH can’t remember the last time I did !!

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Are The Gaffer and Bunion still in the E&S? Haven’t seen a copy in a long, long time.

Best use green crayon for maximum effect.

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How on earth would writing to the Excuse and Dingle achieve anything?


From the man with the paper head

Who the ■■■■ reads the express and stir?

He does, obviously :joy:

I’ve just raided a Scrabble set and sent them a letter ‘S’. Let’s see what they make of that.


They don’t care, I look online but can’t remember the last time there was a negative headline about a Walsall performance. It’s so beige and pc and ickle Liam is too scared to write anything that might upset anyone.

I catch up on all our defensive mistakes via the Express and Scarr.


I have gone from having the paper delivered every night, to not reading a copy for the last 2-3 years, the paper just doesn’t represent us anymore.

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Who reads news papers, when I did it years ago was for the sport pages only.

The Express and star wouldn’t say a bad word against the club didn’t Bonsor ban them at some point for saying something negative? .
The Walsall fc reporter needs to ask the more difficult questions tho to be fair,we are on the brink of dropping out of the football league and nobody has even mentioned that to the manager from the local press.
As for that one on the youtube channel he obviously works for the club probably travels with them on the coach to the games well he can ■■■■ off as well might as well put a microphone in a bag a cardboard cutout with a pre scripted note pad in it’s hand.


As ■■■■ as we are performing this season, I think we need to continue doing all we can to support the team and make sure we survive as a football league club. Writing a letter to the Express and Star will not help anyone

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Used to love the Star , had it delivered every night. They spoiled it when they started to print overnight.The local editions ceased to be local and who wants ten pages of readers dogs or kids in prom frocks.

Im faily sure gesanx is a troll from a rival club.

He only pops up when we’re losing / in bad form.
He recently made a thread praising DC and wishing the manager of our longtime rivals good luck.
Now hed like us to embarrass ourselves dingle-style in a public forum knowing the local rag has zero power to change the manager.


I’ve also come to the same conclusion. Nobody can be that negative on a constant basis.

Maybe they don’t say anything negative because they are actual shareholders in the club!!

Express and star are one of the biggest individual shareholders in the club. , behind Pomlett

Everything they publish had to be run past club first that’s why nothing. Really controversial. Ever gets published