Leyton Orient (A) 12th October, 3pm

Our away game on 12th October at Brisbane Rd has been designated “All fans a fiver” day.
If we’re anywhere near the top of the table by then Walsall will have to restrict sales to season ticket holders with away booking history as their away end only holds 1000.
I’ll be gewin! :star_struck:


Love a weekend in London :grinning:

Lets see if we can try and get a mossive following for this

£5a a ticket, in the capital, hopefully pushing up the table, what’s not to like?

Potential for us to break another away following record here

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Take a machete with you, seems like ‘the’ must have adornment.

Surely the away bit holds more than 1k? I don’t really know where the away section is down there as never been to Brisbane road but would’ve thought the behind the goal stands have more than 1k.

Can only think they’ve had massive resurgance in support since coming back into league so away end is more limited compared to say Northampton.

This is on my list anyway so will certainly be more difficult to get one with this fiver offer.

Last time I went we had a half stand on the side.

With incredibly cramped uncomfortable seats.

Did you ever sit in the seats at Hereford? i felt like Denis Warterman in a little Britain scene :joy:


Surprised their capacity is just over 9k, thought it was around 12k for some reason especially as they’ve rebuild a few stands in last 10 years.

Might have to go undercover in this as can see the 1k tickets being quickly shifted…

Just looked at train prices and they are quite cheap at the moment. Worth booking early.

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This game is international weekend. I presume the chance of either club having call up’s is virtually zero?

Looking to book trains & hotels for that weekend and don’t particularly want to waste my time/money.

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I was behind the goal last time I went to edgar street ,in the overflow section standing ,I think that was the last time I saw mini the moocher funny enough, we need him back

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Fans like that can change the atmosphere at a game we need them :wink:

This is a real shame that I can’t go.

If any of you wander up to Islington, a heads up.

Just got to “The Islington” to watch my lad play a gig. Nothing special about the place but just paid £7:90 for two half’s of Amstel :flushed::flushed:

Isn’t that Comrade Jezza’s part of the world? The things you politics groupies will do to catch a sight of one of your heroes.


Well if the MP for Islington South were Labour leader instead of the MP for Islington North, then I would be very happy.

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I couldn’t support Labour with her in charge either,they’re both 70s throwbacks.

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I think the 1970s sometimes gets a bad press. I would like nothing better than to be thrown back to March 1973 and the day I bought Dark Side of the Moon and met Mrs Hullsaddler!
Sadly i don’t think this is going to happen.


The unions were in charge of the country,and what a mess they made,I hated Maggie Thatcher,but looking back,god only knows where we would be now without her.

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