Liam Gordon call up

Liam Gordon called up for Guyana , more to follow …

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To where he was last year this is a fantastic achievement for the lad , he deserves all the plaudits.


Absolutely, to think he nearly lost a leg.
Guess he’ll be missing for both Grimsby and Wimbledon ?

do clubs get compensation for players being unavailable due to international commitments?

Congratulations Liam…best of luck.


Please your him, but typical, it’s been injuries all season we just get people back and now it’s international call ups.:laughing:

Awesome that Gordon’s been called up!

I’m surprised Daniels/Coms weren’t called up for Monserrat :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Glad they haven’t been! Been our two best players of late. Daniels has been solid all season


Wasn’t that long ago fixtures were getting postponed for three players getting called up…always used to be Kins with the ROI youth groups, Bradshaw and Sawyers for one of the Caribbean islands. Rico must’ve been in the England age groups aswell. And also Etheridge for the Philippines.

Really pleased for the lad :heartbeat:

… Maz for Aghanistan, Simeon Jackson for Canada

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Surprisingly RAM not called up for the ROI’s U19 European qualifiers.

Joe Low has been called up for Wales under 21s so presumably he misses one or both of the Grimsby and AFC Wimbledon games.

How can he, the club haven’t given him any game time at all,I feel sorry for the kid.


Reading today’s Walsall page on Express and Star I think RAM may have been injured given MF comments ?

Great news for Liam, he’s a smashing lad and this call up is richly deserved.

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Not normally a tough place to go!

Great recognition for a long comeback from the freak injury.

Well done Liam.

Not sure Wales is a Caribbean Island :laughing:

I remember a game against Blackburn when they were in League 1 being called off because of our international call ups, not theirs!! Was gutted as had train tickets booked already - ended up using and going to FCUM vs Telford and having a few shandies.

Rovers’ home game with Walsall postponed due to international call-ups | Lancashire Telegraph

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How many do we have to lose before the game is postponed?