Liam Kinsella Injury

Injured and out for “weeks, not months”


Surprising with an operation. I guess the cliche 6 weeks would be weeks not months.

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Keyhole surgery perhaps.

Shame though. Maybe we will get to see Labadie perform to his supposed ability soon, as a result.

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Sad to see Kinsella injured, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

There is the chance for Bates and Perry to step up now though.


That’s a huge huge blow to this team, he’s been outstanding.


That’s not good news at all. Head and shoulders our best outfield player so far this season.

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There were whispers Bates wasn’t very fit going into this season and had picked up a few knocks. I hope he is 100 percent now though because with Labadie out as well he seems the most natural replacement for Kinsella. Perry and Earing is a very open midfield partnership and I suspect both would rather be attacking midfielders.


Wouldn’t shock me if he played Osadebe in there, and bought Kiernan back in who was only rested due to personal issues.

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I have the same problem with Earing and Osedebe as I do with Perry, but you could be right. He doesn’t seem to like Bates. Gave him the hook after an hour in the cup game he gave him.

Last year, Perry did play as one of the two midfielders, often though with a back 3/5.

We will Kinsella but, in principle, after Saturday, Labadie should shore up the midfield.

Last season, we had a lot of long-term injuries too and Clarke and Holden both came too early.

Yes … with Kinsella next to him.

Very bad news especially for this game. At least Labadie will be back for the game after.I hope the Coach has made it clear that he must be careful not to upset the referees in future games.

Correct Tom , despite what some think about Kins he’s developed into a good lower league player , not at all happy that I was right regards his injury , no way was it going to be minor you could see how distressed he was when he walked past us .

After Forest Green at home, I hope we never play Osadebe as a ‘midfielder’ again.

He’s a number 10 and a never 10 only, but even then if Earing is fit then I’d much prefer him playing in that position over Osadebe.

Unfortunately for us he must have a blinder in training every day.

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They always say that but we never see them again! :joy::joy:

Midfield is a problem now. Bates not fancied by the manager and other three options would all rather get forward and don’t have much of a defensive bone in their bodies.

Not sure what other options they are, no idea if any of the full backs could slot in there (perhaps Ward with his experience is worth a go given he’s been underwhelming at LB so far) . Oh for a Joe Edwards type in this squad who actually played first 5-10 games at RB before Whitney saw sense and moved him into central midfield.