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Liam Roberts - Good enough?


Liam roberts. Is he good enough


At the moment no. Potentially, and back on form, yes.


He’s the best keeper in the club. Once per every game he has save, that could be save of the match, saving team from conceding a certain goal. Unfortunately, sometimes he has to produce similar saves few times per game (and no, he is not that good), sometimes defence could do better, sometimes freak goal happens. So, in short. Yes, he is good enough. Maybe there is small blip in form, but that’s not enough to replace him.


What’s “breaking news” about this?


Breaking news… not yet but will be one day. Hard for an inexperienced keeper to improve our defence when it wobbles more than my legs at Newport (a) :beers:


Needs a keeper to push him for the number one spot. He ain’t going to get that with Dinosaur Dunn.


He’s does the difficult stuff well and the easy stuff badly and can’t kick. He’ll pull of a great save and the get beaten with what should be an easy save.

I think what we’re missing at the moment is a keeper who commands the area and comes and gets the ball like Ince and Walker did as it takes pressure of the defence but rarely see this in Liam. When he does come out he’s in no man’s land.


I feel quite sorry in a way for Liam Roberts, he is young & very inexperienced to be cover for the crap performances of the defence and the rest of the team.

Read his CV attached. I dont think even Jimmy Walker in his hay day would have done much better given the crap playing in red in front of him

It’s not really his fault that the club is being bled white by the powers that be and he is all we can afford or have the budget for

PS Im not his mom !!!


I disagree, he improved his kicking. First games it was better not to pass to him, to kick a ball, because it would end on stands, or behind. Now it is on a reasonable level. It’s not a heartache, when he needs to kick a footy ball. But I agree good competition would help him to improve further, beyond League One level. I don’t think Dunn will press his position high enough.
And small note, command an area? For me it looks like defender’s role, especially one player-coach. He shouts a lot. Maybe that’s how it works in a team.
PS No, I’m not part of his family.


Roberts has the attributes to be a great keeper. But atm that defence in front of him…:mask:


Been poor recently but he deserves a bit more faith considering he was brilliant for 12 months to this point.

Still young. Extremely for a keeper. I still back him to come good.


On the subject of our young goalkeepers, did you see two of our former promising young 'keepers on “Match of the Day”. James McKeown for Grimsby Town - remember his mother sounding off on UTS, moaning about the way WFC had treated her son? Mrs. Morris’s tweet is nothing new!

In goal for Pompey was Craig MacGillivray, who was told by Whitney that he wasn’t good enough to be number one. He is now through to Round Four and will probably win a League One title medal at the end of the season

Regarding Liam Roberts, I don’t think that he could be blamed for the shambles unfolding in front of him at Bolton. Yes, he makes the occasional mistake but this is his first full season in pro football and just remember some of the performances of his predecessors in goal. Even the better ones, such as Walker, were prone to the odd blunder. In any event, would you like to play behind that shower of ****, every week? I’m surprised that he isn’t a complete nervous wreck!


Still think he’s a fantastic young keeper, just going through an indifferent spell of form behind a clueless back 4.

Still feels a bit weak in the air and certainly should’ve done better for that 2nd Luton goal when he had two chances to either catch or punch it away more decisively.

People really blaming him for the goals that have gone through his legs?! Newsflash as likes of De Gea and Buffon have also conceded goals through them in their career.

For the goals today he was just badly exposed. Not really sure what he can do when opposition striker is completely unmarked and has a free header/shot from six yards out.

I think a bigger problem is the excellent Cutler has not been replaced by anywhere near the same standard, look at the other main keepers he worked with in his time and how they massively improved their games.

Worth remembering the club would be league 2 now without his contribution at end of last season. Think back to 1-1 and that amazing backward save in the last minute at Oldham. That goes in and other results hold and Oldham finish above Walsall so I’d cut him a little bit of slack compared to many others…


I think people might need to stop looking at the sky sports app seeing goals go in, scratching their arse or head and say “goalkeeper needs to go” or “defence is rubbish”. Football is a simple game but not that simple, there’s so much more to it than that. There’s goals like the second on MOTD every week, swings in and evades everyone and goes straight in. Fair play, Roberts got a hand to it


Yeah for that one he wasn’t sighted and probably assume Martin/Guthrie was going to head it actually away but didn’t. Even then Leahy was so slow to react it was embarrasing if it wasn’t happening every other game…


Interesting comment because I was led to understand that it was cutler who decided McGillivray wasn’t going to make the grade. Conversely, I understood it was him who thought Gillespie had more potential than Roberts. Maybe I was misinformed?


I think Roberts will be a very good’keeper. He is going through a bad spell at the moment and if we had a good replacement I would rest him for a few games however we don’t so we have to stick with him and hope his confidence returns.


He has the potential to be a good keeper, with proper leadership, he just needs to be taken out of the limelight and nurturing at the moment, but being true Walsall we have no credible backup, I think our defensive frailty has a lot to do with it, if we had a more seasoned pro in the ranks he would probably be able to organize the defence better.


Just said the same on another topic. An ince or a walker would sort us out defensively but Roberts isn’t at that stage yet. Not his fault but how we could do with experienced cover or cutler back to coach him.


Feel sorry for robo must be terrible for him to play as the last line with the â– â– â– â– â–  in front of him at the minute. He should be offered a new contract in my opinion