Liam Roberts - Good enough?



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I personally wouldn’t keep Roberts now unless as a back up, we are in the bottom division now and need a keeper to come in and hit the ground running, Roberts cost us way too many points last season, how can you be a keeper for that long and still not be able to kick a ball



He showed real promise under cuts, I don’t think he is a bad keeper, I just think he has gone backwards under this regime. Bring in a better goalkeepers coach and I think he will come good again.

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Sureley you should know how to distribute a ball a 24yrs of age, even without coaching



He’s crap, show him the door!

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He’s getting slaughtered on Instagram. He badly needs a mentor: it’s a shame that neither Dunn nor Oakes seem up to it.



Not being funny it’s not like he’s 18, needs to move on or will cost us next season, don’t want us to do an Notts county



Worth persevering with. Will hopefully have a better defence (team) in front of him next season and we will see a more confident Roberts.



Last season all players underperform, so new start for him would be a good thing. I see he has one year of contract, so with possibly better players in defence and probably better goalie coach, he can be a good goalie. He already played more than 60 games in third league, so he is experienced, but still relatively young, for goalkeeper.

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Double standards here, let’s persevere with a keeper who has played a big part in our relegation.

But everyone else can go?? How’s that work.



Agreed. Especially when he cost us just as many points as anyone else. Sorry, he’s one of our own though🙄



But Devlin who gave everything can do one :joy::joy:

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With Liam, isn’t it more a case of he’s contracted for this season so it will be more difficult to jettison?

Wouldn’t be surprised if serious competition for between the sticks was signed, or we get vastly improved performances from Robbo when he’s no longer playing behind a sheepish defence :crossed_fingers:



There are loads of decent keepers already available, and the FA Cup Final hasn’t even been played yet: Lee Burge, Lawrence Vigiroux, Adam Smith, Sam Slocombe, and Aaron Chapman are five that just spring immediately to mind.

Liam is contracted, but should start the new season as he ended the last: fighting for his place back. Financing this will probably mean both Dunn and Slinn would be jettisoned, but there was a good reason Richard Money made Clayton Ince his first signing.



There’s not a lot we can do about Roberts realistically. He’s contracted for another season so it’s pretty mute who stays and who goes compared to Liam Roberts. And nobody is going to want to buy him.

Best we can hope for is development as a number 2 to a better keeper. Who knows it might be the kick up the arse he needs. If not we cut our losses at the end of next season.



If Dunn and Roberts are both contracted for next season we will not be looking for another keeper on our budget.

We’ll go in withe players we have, not the players we want. Same for everyone else unless we can offload them, and it’s going to be hard to push players from a relegated side, especially with the highlights reel most of them have.



Dunn is out of contract. As is Joe Slinn.

Roberts has a year left though.



Interesting choice for our new manager then.



Not really.

There is usually a drill of some kind. Walking around lumping it in the air doesn’t really suffice these days does it, clearly.



Like the ones I just listed? There’s not a lot more you can do a few minutes before kick off than the things I listed.