Liam Roberts - Good enough?


The first goal yesterday is very interesting. In real time you think it a fantastic finish because of the tight angle. To do a ‘keeper at full stretch from such an acute angle must take some doing right?

You look at the below though and at the moment the ball passes him, Roberts is still setting himself and actually dives well after the ball is beyond him.



A pathetic attempt. He couldn’t stop a paper bag this lad. Look at where their player has shot from, no way should he score from that angle, not without hitting a worldy.



Looked like the player that first broke through last night. The one shining light.

I don’t get how people can say there isn’t a player there. The problem seems pretty clear to me that the coaching staff are failing to develop it. He was outstanding last season, and can make saves like he did last night. There’s raw quality there but I have no confidence in us honing it.

Can see him declining and ending up in non league football. Unless he gets a move like Mac, another player we never gave the chance to develop and look at him now.



Agreed. There’s always been a player in there as last season showed and hopefully he’ll turn in more games like last night. Would have been 3 or 4 without him.

I’d be looking to move if I were him - same if I were Kinsella.

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A word on Gillespie too, another keeper who looked sub standard here:

Plays every week for a mid table SPL side at the moment. 3 clean sheets in his last 4 as well.

Got to question the coaching at the club.

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Roberts was certainly good enough last night. I wish he had played like that over the past few months.

It can be acceptable for wingers and forwards to be inconsistent; if they produce enough match winning goals and assists over a season you can forgive them their quiet games. Goalkeepers however have to be consistent, and turn in good performances nearly every week, or they will cost their team goals and points.



He was consistent when he broke through, that’s what I’m saying. He’s regressed as a player quite clearly over the last few months. The only possible reason that can be is A) Coaching and B) a lack of confidence in his defence.

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Another calamity from liam. Stick dunn in for the last 4 games



Defended Liam a lot in this thread but for his own good he needs taking out of the team.

Sad as last season he more than played his part in keeping the team up in the run in. Think back to that last minute save at Oldham that was huge in the end.



I cannot belive that dunn can be worse. Hes costing us a goal a game. Please please please take the poor kid out of the team

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No he’s not, in fact he’s ■■■■. Gets a lot of leniency due to the fact he comes to the crowd after the odd win and pumps his arms.



A bit like shutting the door after the horse has bolted :anguished:



He’s ■■■■…



His confidence is shot and he feels like he’s carrying too much responsibility - recipe for disaster as a keeper

My question is what is Oakes doing with him? Since his arrival, our keeping department has gone to the dogs…

Coaching seems in crisis at the club and we simply have no clue what we are doing (in training or on match day…)

Just more evidence of our seeming destruction at every level



Spot on, he looked nervous before the game started. Doesn’t help when Guthrie, Leahy and Cook hammer him for every mistake. A bit of encouragement and team ethos wouldn’t hurt.



I have defended him. And I still think he will come good with the right coach (which is not Oakes) . However we are going down I think so just put Dunn in and give the kid a break he is obviously shot now confidence wise.

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Up there with the worst keepers I’ve seen in a Walsall shirt, gifted them two goals again today. Then you had the goal at Barnsley and the fact at Doncaster he hadn’t touched the ball in the first five minutes, yet we were 2-0 down, that tells you everything you need to know.

He can’t catch, can’t kick, doesn’t command his area and never shouts at the defenders.

Probably a reason why we’ve released him twice already in the past.



Joe Slinn? Could he do any worse? With Dunn out of contract, the club need a new goalkeeper in the summer anyway. No harm in giving Slinn a chance… Didn’t Nigel Spink make his debut for the Villa in the European Cup final when Jimmy Rimmer went off injured v Bayern Munich? We are a professional football club so to have 3 goalkeepers on the books means that they get opportunities due to injury or poor form, don’t they?



What does dunn need to do to be given a chance.

He looked fit and pretty sharp in the warm up from where I was. He cant be any worse than roberts who is like a seal flapping around. Throw him in. If it dosnt work what have we lost.



I have seen him play 3 times in the Mickey Mouse cup . Worse than Roberts I’m afraid not up to the standard else he would have had a chance by now . Still doesn’t matter get him or slinn in just to get Roberts out the firing line .