Liam Roberts - Good enough?


Thing is Cutler was a luxury and we can’t keep beating that drum.

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Honestly it defies belief some of the people on here laying into Roberts.

He has played behind the past two seasons, the worst collective back four I have ever seen in my time watching the Saddlers. This is no grounding for ANY Keeper, let alone one learning his trade.

Get off his back - and focus on those seasoned “Pro’s” whose 2nd year of taking our money ,for performances not even seen in a Pub team on a Sunday morning, are almost over.



Keates made a huge mistake in not signing a loan keeper during the January window, I do not understand why he did not do this, nor why most fans commenting on this site did not agree with me when I said that at the time.

Poor goalkeeping is only one of the team’s problems but it was the one that was potentially easiest to fix, not doing so probably cost Keates his job and doomed Walsall to relegation.



TBF he went to Sloppies first and hardly got a game although was behind Dean Henderson who’s done well at Sheffield United so a good keeper prospect.

Done very well at Pompey. Did seem to me he was blacklisted on here due to playing in the 8-2 Bristol game and written off.

I thought he left in 2016 but seems he was here for 16-17 so yes losing him in same summer as Etheridge and going for Gillespie on decent wages as the replacement was not a good business or playing decision at all.



Roberts needed proper competition for the jersey this season and had none. Cutler is and was an excellent goalkeeping coach that much is obvious. I remember plenty of Saddlers fans slagging off Etheridge as a Keeper and look what a quality player he is. Yesterday there was a clear push by their forward on one of our defenders into Roberts as he went to claim the ball. How the Ref didnt see it is beyond me. I fail to see how Roberts can be blamed for that. I still think with decent coaching and proper competition for places had DK signed another Keeper in January this problem would have been addressed. He’s hardly been helped by the defence in front of him all season let’s face it. Too much criticism for the lad in my opinion.



I feel for him. But he has to go.



Agree totally with those posters who say we should have signed a new no one in january. This has cost us relegation. Roberts has cost us at least 10 points probably many many more. Hes at the stage where a good ball into the box or a shot of any kind means almost a certain goal.

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Start of the season Roberts was good until the ■■■■ in front of him drained his confidence. Should be kept with an experienced keeper coming in for competition. Oakes and Dunn out !!!



I don’t think Roberts should go, i think we should bring in a new number 1 keeper that can help to take the burden off him, and help build his confidence up.



I don’t agree…yes there have been one or two games where he has made mistakes but I would not blame him for our relegation. That is a collective responsibility with the Manager the most culpable.



My guess is that DK did not know much about L1 and/or its qualities so when he rocked up here he probably thought most of the ‘players’ were gold compared to what he was used to. Hence keeping using them. Naivety and lack of experience. And haven’t we paid a high price.



While I agree with everything you say regarding Keates who was so out of his depth it was unbelievable, but the finger really needs pointing at the people who head hunted him and deemed he was the man to deliver, Bonser, Gamble and Mole aren’t capable of completing a picture in a kids " join the dots " book. Absolute clowns🤡



This sums up my thoughts, I would like to see a better back four, decent competition and an actual GK coach. Then I will make a full judgement.



I agree MTM2. Roberts has had a decent season and has saved us a few points. He has made a few errors but what goalkeeper doesn’t? We need to stay with him and give him support - he has the makings of a very decent keeper. One final word in his defence: he has had to play behind a very average back four who have given him precious little protection.



What points has Roberts got us this season? Has he had a good season when he’s been at fault for alot of the goals we’ve conceded?



At the end of last season, I was actually concerned that we would lose Roberts.



Russell Martin signed a deal with the club 19th October. First game end of this month. After it position in the table ninth, gd minus one. He left second week of January. 16th position in the table, gd minus fourteen. Hard to understand why defence started to play poorly in just 10 or more weeks. I don’t think it was just a keeper’s fault, or other players. Maybe preseason preparations, but no one said it was bad. But now team reaps what was sow. One bad signing can spoil team spirit for ages. Maybe that’s why Dean Smith was so pedantic, when he tried to sign any new player. Maybe that wasn’t just money issues, but not to get the wrong character to upset dressing room. Who knows.



Can I just add at this juncture that Oakes appears to be about as useful as Anne Frank’s drum kit.



It’s embarrassing watching the pre game stuff. I know too much is made about pre game warm ups as it’s mostly nonsense but he literally just boots the ball in the air for him to catch.



Isn’t that like every single Keeper warm up though? He’s not coaching him in the warm up, bit late for that an hour before kick off.

A few crosses to collect, few goal kicks, few one on ones to warm up the hands and that’s a keeper warm up.