Liam Roberts signs new deal

Just from the club We are delighted to announce that goalkeeper Liam Roberts has signed a Long term contract extension with Walsall Football Club . I hope that Wes signs a new deal Next !!

Personally I would have moved him on, the last 2 seasons have proven that he’s not good enough.

Long term as well I wonder how long ??

Can only be good news as we need all tested players on contracts that work for WFC and no mass exodus at the end of the season again like we have had in the past and that has only ever led to poor starts to the next season i.e like this season. UTS

I think it is good news too although his form varies a lot. He certainly has the potential to be a very good keeper but now he needs to realise that and show us he is the man for the long term.

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He’s had a good season for me and didn’t deserve to be dropped. Not sure he deserved a long team deal on the back of that but hopefully he keeps improving.


I think Clarke seems quite keen to make a lot out of our homegrown players, which is something that I think we can all support. On Saturday we had Roberts, CCM, Bates and Kinsella in the starting line-up and Kory Roberts in and around the squad aswell.

Hopefully, we’ll start to see the benefit of Miguel Llera’s coaching of the youth team in the next 6-12 months aswell…


Solid enough for L2. Not sure people who think Rose is “streets ahead” are really looking through clear specs.

Congrats Liam Roberts.

Strange timing as only just back in the team, but on the other hand his current deal was set to expire in June.

Personally I think it’s a good move. Feel sorry for him in that he clearly suffered when Cutler left, and then went backwards under Oakes.
Hopefully Maik Taylor can get him back up there. At the worst, he’s a solid enough keeper to rely on as backup if another No1 comes in with plenty of first team experience.

If the money isn’t ridiculous then I’m not upset by this. There’s a decent L2 goalie in there but needs to improve and hopefully Taylor can get it out of him.

I’m sure the money will be ridiculous, ridiculously low :joy:


I think hes had a decent season so far, all the criticism hes received this season is unjustified in my opinion.


Not a massive fan there are better keepers there are worse keepers one thing you can’t deny is Robbo’s commitment and love for playing for the club he is guaranteed to give 100% every game that can never be taken away good luck in the coming months Liam UTS


I really don’t think he’s good enough. Great at stopping one going in the top corner but his distribution isn’t good enough, he doesn’t get down quick enough and he doesn’t come off his line to close down quick enough or good enough. Don’t buy into all the ‘he wants to be here’ and ‘he’s one of our own’ rubbish.

I’m one of our own, I’d want to be there. Sign me up Darrell!

Disclaimer: This is not abuse, this is simply an opinion on the ability of our number one goalkeeper whether you agree or not.


Exactly I haven’t see anything to suggest that he’s a good keeper.

Maybe my expectations are to high.

Don’t even expect him to be able to do it all but getting down and coming off his line should be basics he knows how to do but he is non league when it comes to those things.

Maybe he can be coached them and improve but I thought when Clarke said he waits for no man for success that he meant it but seems we’ll have to wait for Roberts.

He’s been cack this season.


Great news, on his day one of the very best in this division. Now with a new contract and certainty over his future he can find the consistency to be the very best at this level.

Obviously rose tinted ones