Liam Roberts

Think the lad needs some credit for today’s performance.

Hopefully give him some confidence.


Excellent performance! Well played Liam. :clap::clap::clap:


Credit where it’s due he was good today.

Needs to keep it up though. I think our supporters all want him to succeed being a local lad but any criticism he’s had has been fully deserved.


Absolutely credit where credits due he was excellent today both in his performance and his mental strength to reset after his poor performances.


Yes well done Liam, it should have been a match winning performance it certainly deserved more. But i have found out in life, you are only as good as your last performance so keep it up :+1: :wink:

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Man of the match by a country mile.

Credit where it’s due, he was superb today and my MOTM by far. Let’s hope that performance puts the mistakes behind him.


Today was an 8/10

We don’t need an 8/10 once in a blue moon from our keeper.

A solid 6/10 would do from Roberts - but we don’t get that. We are lucky if we scrape a 6.

The fact we feel the need to point out he made a few good saves today is part of the problem. Let’s hope we don’t have to see him beyond the end of this season but while he’s in a shirt he’ll get my backing

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FFS. Honestly.


Credit where it’s due I shall eat my words this weekend and say well done Liam love the fact you’ve shut me right up keep doing it!


Not sure about that, some actively enjoy abusing him.

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It would have capped a good performance if he had gone up the pitch and headed the winner at the end.

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First class performance from him today, deserved the plaudits.
Did anyone notice how he never had many if any pass backs ?

Got to admit I’ve been one of the people calling for him to be dropped but made some cracking saves today

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Does the new manager deserve some credit too? I get the impression that he’s not likely to be throwing his players under the bus.

It is worth remembering that Pomlett and ‘the gaffer’ both have a vested interest in finding success.

I think Graham Taylor lost his first nine games as a football manager (Lincoln City?) but he turned out to be superb for Watford and Villa.

With our link up with Villa, I think we could be onto something if we can steady the ship in the summer.

I think that O’Driscoll, Whitney and Keates all ended up costing the club money after being sacked. I, for one, feel that Clarke leaving (and the club being paid for the privilege) is an absolute result!

Just need a clean sheet now! :grinning:

Deserves to keep his shirt based on today


Outstanding today.

He did look more like the Roberts we saw when he started to break into the team 17/18 season


Ah come on, I’m as big a critic as anyone about Roberts but it would be unfair not to praise him when he’s quite literally kept us in the game today. It wasn’t just ‘a few good saves’. There were top saves which earned us a point.


He was outstanding today, ok i think if he had been better positioned he could have easily saved their goal, but if it hadn’t been for his saves earlier on in the game it would have been all over anyway.