Just seen the Livingston v Rangers team sheet , almost a ex Walsall back four , Devlin, Guthrie and Fitzwater .

Thanks. I’ll bet the house on Rangers.

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Guthrie won the supporters player of the season

Yes, sorry. I take it back. I quite liked Nicky Devlin too.

I liked Nicky Devlin when he wasn’t defending.

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No need to be sorry mate , just shows how players can be missjudged , or how they can be appreciated by a different clubs fans , don’t think Guthrie was ever rated by a majority of Walsall fans for whatever reason .

Leahy and Devlin were decent attacking full backs, they were paid to defend and were shocking at it!

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I thought Guthrie was ok.

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Me too

0-0 at half time. Attack v defence and they are doing pretty well.

Yes Guthrie and Devlin both been excellent

Edit and Fitzwater all 3 excellent

We should never have replaced Fitz with Keates’s mate Martin


Well I know it’s only the Scottish Premiership and I have to confess that those three were way after my time attending matches but all three looked more than competent especially Mom Guthrie. Hadn’t realised that he and Devlin were well under 30. The Polish goalkeeper wasn’t bad either.

You didn’t did you :wink:

Oh for a right back like Devlin now

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With another right back to cover him :joy: :wink:


Guthrie MOTM and both centre backs excelled, according to the BBC

They certainly did. Wasted in Scotland.

Awful standard of football up there no surprise he looks good.

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