Longest Serving Players - L2

Can you garner anything from this or not?

Dean Lewington has spent 19 years too long at a poxy club?


Inherited from the old Wimbledon days

Hopefully Swindon’s rigorous turnover will stand us in good stead for this Saturday … oh, hang on !

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That we should have kept Kins?

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That the game is transient. Whole playing squads turn over every two years.

Testimonials for a decade at the same club virtually unheard of.

Being able to identify with players and gain any kind of long term rapport is a thing of the past.

That all of the above is rather sad.


It actually doesn’t include his Wimbledon appearances.
The Franchise has been going since June 2004 and his 1st team debut for Wimbledon was in April 2003 so would be over 20 years if including it.

That Dean Lewington has real staying power at being a bell sniffer.


Tbh in nowadays footy
Not a lot

Craig Eastmond is impressive, coming up many leagues over 8yrs and still at the club.

Sure Luke Young used to play for Truro, wonder if he played with Joe Broad and Barry Hayles. (My mistake, must of been my FM save when I was Truro manager)