Looks like Jimmy aint a Clarke fan

One should not drink and post.

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And how many games did you attend last year again Jimmy?

I mean, he’s right. But Keates was poor too. Came too soon for him.

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Factually incorrect. Most kept faith with Keates well into this year.Different situation anyway. This time last year, most fans were sticking with Keates because they still thought he’d come good again. Now a lot are sticking by DC not because they’re expecting a massive turnaround, but because they realise we could well do no better with a replacement. And because they’re wondering whether we can afford to pay off yet another manager after the payoff to err , Keates


Well he is correct to a degree, but Keates got way too long so can’t say “we turned on him”.

Signing a bunch of bastards ultimately killed him and it was clear the players ■■■■■■ him over, because they are bastards.

As Jimmy says, he is biased and so his point is based on blind loyalty to his mate rather than any actual sense.

Keates had to go not least for himself- looked lost in the role.


Why should Jimmy Walkers opinion outweigh someone who has suffered most home games for the past 2 seasons,he’s admitted he’s biased,and as someone has already said,you should never post on social media at 2am when you’ve been drinking.

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Agree the situations are very different between keates time and now.

Im very interested in the line he keeps repeating ‘I wouldnt have stood for it’. Its incredibly easy to say in hindsight from the sofa. Does he sincerely believe he would have kept that lot up by shouting at them? Is he saying Keates lacked discipline?

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I think we gave Keates time, didn’t we? It was fairly poor, and we kept signing players who were no better than the not very good lot we already had but I think most of us wanted him to turn things round and to create a team like some of those he played in until it had gone past obvious that it was as bad as under Whitney.

I think Deano was let down by (many of) his players far more than he was let down by us.


Keates was clueless, remember he had 10 or so games at the back end of the season to assess a squad and work with the players on his vision. I watched a number of the pre-season games and we looked like we had no foundations of a plan or idea as to what we were doing as a team. It was at the point I had an inkling it would end in tears. I’m still convinced that he held the same piece of paper for every game and it was essentially blank!

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Yes that is my recollection aswell. Of course the odd guy on here who wasn’t happy with DK quite early (remember Mazza was one and in the end he was proved right) but even right at the end of his reign I can’t recall any Keates out chants. Ironically bar the Oxford horror show his last few games actually had some really good performances.

The one manager in last 5 years who was turned on very quickly rightly or wrongly was Whitney.


Because he’s a professional who actually knows the game, but even so nobody, including himself, is saying that at all.

If you read my post properly el_nombre,I didn’t quote him as saying anything,I just questioned why his opinion should be any more valid than someone who has been to every match under Keates,and is not biased towards Keates as he has admitted he is.

Is he talking about the same Keates who, making the most of new manager bounce, has taken Wrexham straight to the foot of the conference table?

We didn’t turn on Keates. We should have done, but we didn’t.


Has he seen where keates and Wrexham are currently? Legend players doesn’t give you a pass for being a terrible manager