Loss on Saturday plus poor transfer window. Implications

I’m hoping this dosnt happen. We all are. If it does my view is it curtains in terms of support for the current owner and people running the club. A tiny minority may continue to support them but I think they will have lost the vast majority of fans.

What do others think


Forever and ever, we’ll follow our Walsall, that team of Walsall, that team of ours.


So will I. But I will no longer support those people running the club

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If we don’t win tomorrow it will be bad lose it will already be completely toxic us vs them again

For me, it’s Tuesday at midnight.

I’m holding back till then.


That’s what I think also. I think we lose Saturday and bring in a couple of u23 players no one else wants then i think 90 percent of the fans feel completely conned and cheated and I would expect things to be very toxic from that point forward

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If your expecting a 5-0 win, and signing Grigg & Deeney.
Your going to be very Disappointed


Having really missed it for 18 months, despite the worrying start to the season, I’m still getting pre match excited.

Five games is very early to begin any huge panic but if it is another Hartlepool display followed by either inactivity or a flappy panic in the dying embers of the window then it does start to become concerning.

If Labadie and Shade return, we get a result and we make a couple of good signings by Tuesday night then the world will look rosier.

Desperately trying to be positive.


I don’t think anyone’s expecting that. Likewise I don’t think anyone’s expecting us to sit 92nd in the football league with no players signed to get us out of it

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Its not just saturday the next 3 games I cant see us getting anything from thats the worrying thing then what will they say dont worry we still belive in them the goals will come dont know where from

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I’ll give them the window. Then I’ll comment on how I feel we’ve done on and off the pitch since LP took over if we make the same mistake as the last window.


Fair enough. Me also. I think though a loss Saturday plus a dire window. Genuinely don’t know how the board expect the fans to get behind them…

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As I said on another thread, a defeat tomorrow might concentrate Pomletts mind more than us winning (As much as I hope we do win obviously)
Surely he’d have to do something before Tuesday then??? A couple of kids on loan from the championship just wouldn’t cut it … signing no one at all certainly wouldn’t!!!

I would rather take my chance with a couple of experienced non league players then anymore u23 type signings.

Nobody expecting that at all. Having a main striker and an option off the bench would be a start.


Tomorrow is a must win, even this early. Its one of those bounce one in off someone’s arse jobs which Scunny should have been but wasn’t. After that there has to be signings and that will give us something to build on. Everyone needs a confidence boost, plus we need to fathom out who the alternative bottom 2 are, involving a scenario which is’nt dependent on clubs going bust or getting points deductions.


I think that we will win tomorrow. I also think that we will make a couple of signings next week, but not confident in the quality. Having said that, what might seem like shit signings on paper, could turn out to be good.

Glass half full (of strong Belgian beer :wink:)


Scunthorpe, Oldham, Crawley or Sutton.

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FTFY :joy:

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My missus was pottering about in the kitchen the other day when I told her i’d sorted out the arrangemements for Oldham away. All of a sudden and completely out of character she just started crying.

I tell you what, the older I get, the less I understand women.