Luton’s new stadium



Thought Shergar or Maddie would be found before this ever happened…Kenilworth Road was last fit for purpose in 1979 so well overdue.

Their new site really is in the town centre, right next to the train station, it’s a bit like Walsall building a new ground where the Art Gallery and canal is so will pay that a visit in a few years.


Hate em :lying_face:


‘If Leicester City in a new surrounding can win the Premier League, then so can we’

Vision, ambition, communication…dare to dream…

Can I now go and support Luton please Jeff?



Why is the illustration in soft focus?
Who’s going to open it? Joan Collins?


Free shoulder pads tho!


I wondered at the time what was behind their smug ‘your ground is ridiculous’ chant.


That new ground looks bloody horrible to be fair.


Did they base the outside design on flats in Gibraltar?


Refreshing to see that a ground will be built in the town centre.


Give it a couple of years and the rest of Walsall Town centre’s shops will have closed we can knock them all down and build a ground over them then!


you mean it’s still standing? :yum: