Luton Town (A) 20th October, 3pm


Never in it today. Looked like a side that had a week off. Nothing to see or say here, move on, next game.


Didn’t go today but it sounds like we barely landed a punch. Very rare for this team, onwards and upwards.


All I’ve heard all week is how Luton fan’s will make it difficult as they are ‘close to the pitch’. No wonder we didn’t turn up. A bottle job with a ready made excuse.


Until the goal there was nothing much from the Luton fans and it was only in the 2nd half after they went 2 up that they really found their voices. Up to that point there was plenty of noise from our fans.


4-4-2 was a really bad call today.

Against a side who can press and pass well, its limitations were brutally exposed particularly with Cook being dominated by their two CBs.

Was crying out for a third midfielder at half time, bizzare Morris wasn’t used at all. Have to assume he’ll start Tuesday.

Have to say Luton were one of the best opposition sides I’ve seen for a long while at this level. They impressed me last week at Barnsley and no surprise they’re unbeaten at home given their level from the first minute. Will be strong contenders for play offs I think.

Been a good season so far but today showed top 6 is beyond this squad unless real ambition is displayed in January which is pretty unlikely.


Luton were just better from first minute to last, it happens. Ran rings round the 4-4-2.


Not sure if anyone has the stats but I’m sure our record after having a week off is pretty poor.


Wrong formation and team for me, a 433 like Barnsley was needed and when a change wasn’t made at half time to our shape I knew it was game over. Couple that with us looking like we hadn’t kicked a ball in 2 weeks and we made them look like Barca.

Tommy Robinson and racially uhh problematic chants and shouts were embarrassing today, never a common or nice feeling to be uncomfortable and embarrassed to be associated with our own fans but I felt it today.


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I was going to make the same point myself: it’s something I’ve noticed over the years. Still, we’re well into October and it’s our first away defeat. I didn’t think that would be the case although it’s not the first time that our HOME form has been what has let us down. Fortress Bescot has not happened very often over the years. Maybe someone can tell us when that was last the case…?
Still enjoying the season: anywhere above half way is above my expectations or even hopes :smiley:


Outplayed by a much better team today only Roberts turned up and a good display from him kept the score down could have been 4 or 5 the rest were very poor all round and never competed at all.
At times it seemed as if Luton had more players on the pitch than us they were that much better.
Undefeated run gone now lets go and win at Southend the team have shown they can do it and have bounced back after a defeat and we cannot play that poor again.


I’m not too despondent by this defeat but more concerned by the fact we have only scored one goal in the last 4 league matches. In the circumstances I’d take a point at Southend on Tuesday as they’ll be looking to bounce back from losing at home this weekend.