M Flynn

Following a win against a hopeless Hartlepool and a lucky win against the run of play at Newport.
We can now see the real Walsall team that M Flynn has gathered together.
Owen is goal is ok. Sub goalie is suspect
The defence is ok
The midfield is shocking, when was the last time a Walsall midfielder scored a goal?
DJ is a fox in the box, but apart from that poor.
How long does MF have before there are calls for his removal?
New manager, new team, same old rubbish

Harsh calling any away win lucky. You generally don’t have as much of the ball, it’s a good win.

We’ve played six league games, any calls of Flynn to go would be ridiculous at this stage. He has the season for me as long as we’re not bottom half looking like he’s lost the dressing room.


He gets a free pass for me this season, I still believe the problems lie’s within the boardroom and budget rather than the manager.


If Flynn or Clarke (both respected L2 managers) can’t make it work at Walsall then we are pretty much screwed. Got to give MF time and hope it comes good.


Think we’ve got to give him this season and a good portion if not the whole of next season.

I don’t think our recent trend of getting rid of managers every couple of seasons and rebuilding squads from scratch is helping things.

It took Smith 3 seasons to come good and large parts of the first 2 were dross.


And he won nothing :rofl:

He got us to " WEMBERLEEEY" although his shocking team selection, and their no show was disappointing :anguished:


Only 6 games in, still looking for players, injuries to good players and you’re suggesting Flynn’s time may be up? Wow!

As for your comment about DJ, we finally have a goal scorer and you’re still not happy…

How long does Flynn have?

Is that question really being asked before August has ended?



Think the Hartlepool game, against a team yet to win in the league, has distorted expectations.

I’d still be content with a mid table finish, hitting 50 points as soon as possible and enjoying a bit of a cup run. Club has underperformed for years and that wont change overnight, we need to have patience with Flynn and the players. We’re six games in and ninth.


I don’t think the anger at our poor showings are directed at MF, he just happens to be at the helm.
I think the anger is, or should be directed at the club, countless times we heard at the start of the season that we had missed out on players that would have made a massive difference to this team.
He has been given a roll of sticky tape and told to go and get us into the top 6.
And now he is trying to juggle a team of misfits into promotion candidates, there have been a couple of bright stars in Bennet and DJ(god help us if we lose HIM in January) but other than that we are left yet again looking towards injured players coming back to Save Our Season.
Don’t forget this is a proven manager, he hasn’t failed miserabley at any other club he has been at? i wonder what the common denominator is :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

My money is still on a late run into the Play Offs

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My main concern is how two experienced operators like Flynn and Hatswell have brought in some players that appear to be nowhere the required level


Because yet again when they looked in the kitty that was all they could afford

Sorry chunk I don’t think that’s right
Of all the players available during the summer we appear to have ended up with 3/4 really poor quality players, I don’t think thats down to budget, he has been very unlucky with injuries to hopefully some of the better players in the squad, they have to be better than some of these…


You may be right mate, but i think it is the case with Abraham, that lad is nowhere good enough as a footballer, he would have been better off displaying his talents at the commonwealth games :laughing:

Don’t think there will be many players (spare perhaps Clarke, Gordon, Riley, Hutchinson and Comley) that have come here as Flynn/Hatswell’s first choice signings for their position. It’s just a question of how many 3rd, 4th, 5th choices we’ve ended up with.

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This is what happens when certain fans think we’ve a given right to be promoted.


What an absolutely ridiculous thread. Not even out of August yet, a massive overhaul of players still gelling and some ridiculously bad luck with injuries, some awful refs decisions etc. Happily take mid table this year and let Flynn build a team and let them gel like Smith had time to do


I think also Bennett. I’m sure it was the Cambridge manager that said Flynn had approached him before the season had even ended about bringing him in on loan.

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