Macclesfield Town (H) EFL Cup 2nd round, Tues Aug 28th 7.45pm


Personally i think swapping a few players around would be a good idea. We cant afford to allow fatigue and injuries related to fatigue so early on in a season. Giving dunn, wilson, kinsella, gordon a run out would be a good idea


Deano definatly gonna make changes, I’m surprised we still haven’t bought in another cb yet, could really do with resting some players

Think the starting line up would be


Would like to see cockerill mollett and livesly given a game


Just had a £75 free bet come through so I’ve stuck it on us to score 3 or more goals tonight. £183 (Doesn’t include the stake unfortunately) if it comes in :joy:


Leahy took a bad knock on Saturday so wouldn’t be surprised if he’s rested to be fair.


What happened there? I was too busy tucking into my meat and potato pie to realise what happened. He was down for ages.


He got absolutely clattered to be fair! Think he landed awkwardly on his neck, that was the treatment he was getting anyways. It can’t have been too bad considering he carried on but might be a nice excuse to give CM a game.


Yeah I’d play CM. Leahy seemed to be holding his neck all the way through the second half and grimacing. Save him for Blackpool I say.


What has happened to Chambers?


Still injured I would have guessed.


Don’t think Ginnelly is playing tonight. He’s just took Kory Roberts for a Nando’s :rofl:


Dunn, Leahy, Guthrie, Fitzwater, Wilson, Kouhyar, Dobson, Kinsella, Morris, Cook, Gordon
Subs: Roberts, Devlin, Ferrier, Sangha, Candlin, Cockerill-Mollett, Parker


There are a couple of familiar names in their lineup, grimes and blissett ?


is there an option to pay to watch tonights game on ifollow?


oh dear 0-1 bad deflection


That¬s a good start Grimes for them. 0-1


Christ. Keates out! :wink:


bit worrying now 0-2 oh well we will just have to score 3 :wink:


Now 0-2 whoops need something now with all the possession we have had.


I think he will bring ferrier on


and the comeback starts 1-2 morris