Macclesfield Town (H) EFL Cup 2nd round, Tues Aug 28th 7.45pm


Quite right, and something explored in depth during the Workd Cup, where all agreed that Southgate had actually done some homework on the opposition keeper, and players had practised. Made a difference.


Just compare the goal Morris hit from what … 20 yard’s out , and how it nearly pulled the net peg’s out the ground , why the hell didn’t he take his penalty with the same sort of power :thinking:


Apples and oranges?

One is from a fluid move in open play, the other a stationary ball 12 yards out, where simply spannering it disproportionately increases the chances of it ending up in row Z.


But decreases the chance of it harmlessly rolling up to the keeper making a save % much higher


Yeah, the science of penalties. We all know what a good one is vs a poor one, but it’s never as easy as that in the moment. He’s probably played it a 1000 times over in his head and joins the Southgate, Waddle, Pearce, Batty etc etc gang, who should have hit it harder, softer, more into the corner, into the other corner etc.


I agree it’s very easy for us sitting watching saying he should of done this he should of done that , with the pressures etc as a player stepping forward to take that all important kick must be overwhelming


Yes RedandWhite, and also the fact that most keepers nowadays are 6`4/5" monsters and when they perform their intimidatory antics spreading their arms and legs out and virtually touching the crossbar must make the goal seem a very small target to aim at.
Not as easy as a lot of us experts think.


England win a penalty shoot out for once and they are no longer a lottery I see. I dare say if the game had been a little more important than Macclesfield in the Carabao Cup we’d have wasted a few days pouring over their penalty takers and directions. As it is, it was an inconsequential loss in the grand scheme of things.


The point I was trying to make was our penalties seemed a little lacking in conviction , or maybe confidence , I’m not suggesting making a science out of it and studying this way that way I just think you have more of a chance scoring if you put some power behind the kick , even if the keeper gets a hand to it they still normally end up in the back of the net .


I really can’t see why people are so worried about not getting a clean sheet.The only reason I can see for the obsession is that Dean Keats had 20 clean sheets last season with Wrexham,he also didn’t have Ferrier & Cook upfront or Zeli & Gino on the wings.If you haven’t got much of a threat upfront then you need a defence that keep clean sheets.Some of the best times I’ve ever had watching Walsall Play over the last 55yrs or more where watching Alan Buckley’s teams,he never had a defensive thought in his head, but they were so exciting to watch.Lots of 3-2 0r 4-3 games not always on the winning side, but always entertained.


All well and good until they welly them over. There’s no exact science with penalties. Some feel more comfortable blasting them, some feel more comfortable placing them. It’s too easy to say “well it would have gone in if he absolutely smacked it in the corner”.


Our players are full time professionals, so they ought to have enough time in their busy lives to practise penalties in the week before a match in which each of them could be called upon to take one. If our goalkeeping coach had watched the video of the Macclesfield - Bradford match he would have seen them take good penalties and been able to share that information with our keeper.

We also ought to have a designated penalty taker who is the best in the side at taking penalties, and this is clearly not Andy Cook. Cook took two penalties at Tranmere, both were saved and he was removed as penalty taker. He has taken three for us and had three saved.

Penalties are not a lottery because the chances of scoring are not random, but depend very strongly on the speed and accuracy of the shot.


These lads probably practice penalties every day in training , should It be messing around or taking it serious.

I also can’t imagine Macclesfield practiced any more than we did . It just went their way on the night.

Move on


Exactly. So did Macclesfields players. That’s why it’s always been regarded as a lottery.