Macclesfield wound up

Hope you have asked for a refund for last seasons match if you wanted one, but more seriously this will be the first of many unless we are allowed into our grounds ASAP.
On the same topic how can Gareth Bale earn more in one week, £600,000, than Macclesfield’s total debt?? OBSCENE !!


No correlation between what Macclesfield owe(d) and what Bale earns.


Obscene is the word. The Premier League clubs have carried on as if COVID does not exist whilst the rest of the game suffers. I hold those clubs spending millions in contempt.


I’ve said it all along , There’s no big clubs without the small clubs ,they soon come and cherry pick any players that look promising too, Desperate times and the big clubs need to play there part in enabling the football pyramid to continue.


On a similar note, Southend appear to be very close, £450k + in debt and a hearing in 40 odd days.

Sad times. Between The Macc Lads, a few belting seasons with them on LMA Manager back in the day, and standing on that open terrace watching Gary Porter score with a header (!!), I’ve long had a bit of a soft spot for Macclesfield.

As Rob suggests, I fear they could be the first of several.


Also the multi-ball incident, and being able to abuse Merson on live TV, sad times when we have the likes of Salford around and prospering.


I believe there hearing his today also, so could face the possibility of two clubs being wound up today, with many more in the not so distant future if we don’t get fans back in stadiums, so glad we are such well run club.

Southend got away with it with an adjournement until 28th october

If you’re interested, Radio 5 are running a series of weekly podcast about the demise of Bury called Out Of Our League. Up to episode 4 (of 10) with new ones released each Wednesday.

Don’t think they’ll avoid it that next time

Ian Curtis of Joy Division grew up there. No wonder he wrote so many bleak songs.

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Good job he didn’t come from Caldmore then :joy:


I do think the “Player X earns in a week what would save Macclesfield” argument is a bit of a strawman. By all accounts they’ve had an absolute shyster in charge who has done them over.

I think there’s a different argument to be made about clubs who aren’t badly run who suffer due to the pandemic. That’s where I think there might be more of a welfare argument.

Clearly, regardless of any of that the folk who really suffer in this are the Macclesfield supporters who are likely to see a century and more of history going to the wall all because someone has done them over. No football fan deserves that.


I actually got to see them in Bilston a couple of years ago, and was pleasantly surprised at what decent musicians they (still) are, having been fully prepared for the possibility of them being cack.

Hopefully, Macc fans can get a Phoenix club together next year.

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Very sad. My lad was the Saddlers mascot there back in 1998, they looked after him really well.

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The wages of Bale was an attempt to highlight his much inequality there is in football.
Unless we have a fairer spread of cash throughout the football pyramid and control better the fit and proper ownership rule; when crowds are allowed back in numbers there will be a lot less teams to play against; pubs to visit if we travel away, so we all lose out in the end when these teams expire.


Not sure why top clubs should have to bail out lower ones to be honest. Run your business better :man_shrugging: too easy too expect a bail (Bale?) out.

Yeah the top league buys players off lower division clubs (and others all around the world by the way) but there are tons of clubs ran properly in the national league, and below, waiting for their chance too.

If you opened, or brought, a small fast food restaurant and ran it into the ground you can’t go cap in hand to Maccies asking for a favour. Not sure why football should be any different.


Maybe because they rigged the game when they set up the Premiershit and stole everyone’s money for the benefit of a select few?