Macclesfield wound up

Not forgetting that the whole premise of the Premer League, Premiership or whatever it was called was to filter money down the pyramid to make a better game for everyone. That is how it was sold. This clearly hasn’t happened. It is far more damaging than money not being sent down but has ruined our domestic cups, and also the prize of getting to the top has induced many clubs to chase the ‘dream’ The dream being ■■■■ loads of money not the glory of achieving something in the game.

49 different clubs have competed in the premier league. Hardly some secret impenetrable society. I find the bitterness towards it from lower league fans, who chose to support the clubs they did, rather bizarre.

It’s not Liverpool’s fault (or Gareth ■■■■■■■ Bale’s for that matter) that clubs like Bury and Macclesfield lived outside their means when plenty of others manage it perfectly well.

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A shame to see another club disappear and fans suffer over other peoples incompetence.

Me and a few mates went up to Macclesfield last season when our game was off as we’d already bought train tickets and had a great day (one of the best aways of the season if it counts!) so was looking forward to getting back to a few of those pubs.

As for other clubs helping out, why? I put on Twitter the other day when it happened that if I ran up debts I wouldn’t be expecting someone better off than me to bail me out.

I’m not a fan of the ridiculous money involved in the Prem but to suggest they should plough funds into Macclesfield for them to just do it again is ridiculous and that opinion probably only really comes about being anti-Prem.

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Agree on the domestic cups point in particular BS - those FA cup wins against man u, Newcastle and Leicester in the 70s, arsenal and the draw with Liverpool in the 80s and then the games against leeds; forest and Sheffield United in the 90s/2000s are highlights for me as a saddler - we were renowned as giant killers. How outdated that term seems now. All we have now is a boring corporate rat race. The selfishness of the Premier league, with so little of the income generated being passed down to the lower leagues, is killing the game at its roots

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£500,000 in debt? We pay that in rent.