Maik Taylor to Birmingham?

Haven’t saw it posted anywhere else

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No big loss always looks disinterested and bored shitless on the sideline.


Nothing compared to cutler.
Nobody improved under his care, more they got worse even rushworth
Can do better hope it’s true


I’d heard Darrell Clarke wanted him at Port Vale and were offering more money but Maik Taylor didn’t want to leave to avoid further traveling so a move to the Blues will be perfect for him as he’ll be on at least similar to what we were paying him and it’s less of a trek from his Solihull base. Best wishes to him.

No loss, bye.

Not exactly done much with any of the 'keepers we’ve had, so not arsed.

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How do we know he is no good ? I certainly have no knowledge of how good he is but if he goes we will get someone to replace him. No worries.

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I think the fact that Roberts getting better after his move to Northampton and the fact that Rushworth seemed to be going backwards in his ability speaks volumes as to Maik’s coaching


Agree with all above he didn’t improve any of the keepers we had in his time with us .
Good luck to him returning home and hopefully well be playing against his new keepers in the not to distant future , sure MF will fill the post
Cutler was by far our best keeper coach , what we’d do to have him back .


When’s Jimmy coming back?


James Hollman his replacement?

Not sure you can put that down to Taylor. Roberts is a good keeper. He did however lose confidence playing for us but none of know the reason for that. Might have been personal issues, might have been the Manager, might have been lack of communication with the lads in front of him. As for Rushworth Brighton were very satisfied with the way he was treated here so I am not sure Taylor was to blame in any fall in form. Anyway as I said before if he goes he will be replaced so not a problem.


Can’t be as bad as people are making out as 3 separate maangers have kept him on their staff. Surely if he was that bad one of them would of got rid

…and surely no-one else would be interested in him?

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It’s a good move for Taylor, if he wasn’t any good a championship club would not have offered him a place on their coaching staff.
Good luck to him.

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A Championship club in disarray though - Birmingham are a basket case behind the scenes.

They are in disarray, but still a Championship club.
BCFC need Rowett back in charge, the best manger they’ve had for years.

The “no big loss” crew are out again, even though they’ve never seen him do a day’s work behind the scenes and therefore have no idea whether he’s actually a big loss or not.


Why do people have to badmouth people when they leave? Good luck Maik.

And he hasn’t even left yet!