He’s gone a bit grey!! :flushed:

He also seems to have aged 20-30 years and had a major career change!

I think you’ll find that is Doctor Andreas Makris: Lead for Breast Cancer Research for the Mount Vernon Cancer Centre


If he’s trying to combine that job with playing football in Cyprus, no wonder he’s ageing fast.


He also appears to have scored so it can’t be the same one we had. :wink:


He is on the bench though


married to that girl he has probably not been out of the bedroom for months so he is bound to look a bit sickly :smile:

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Playing left side of midfield tonight against the Jocks. Hope he gets a hat trick…

By the end of the 2013–14 season, coaches in the Cypriot First Division had voted Makris as the best youth player in the league,and he had attracted interest from European giants Juventus, Borussia Dortmund and Everton.

Seems to be playing right wing back?! Also should have scored first half

Surprised he’s being played out wide and asked to get up and down the pitch. Watching him upfront in 16-17 he barely pressed at all and generally looked very immobile.

he is ■■■■ and i wont mention why we signed him and why he was our record transfer as i think anyone can see the logic behind his signing.


I watched most of the game last night hoping he’d score a few but he looked like a fan who’d won the chance to play alongside his Cypriot heroes. Awful.

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