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Just dropped this off at club to be proudly displayed within the new Bescot bar area ,

This team. Photo. Contains Many of whom played in those two epic battles. Against United. And it. Also Contain,s all there autographs. Some true legends on there and fitting that it will proudly hang within the new bar area

I can still remember both games as if they where yesterday
And the chant of the night as we. Rejoced leaving the ground that night echoing round. To the tune of this old man

U. N. I. T. E D. United scored two but the saddlers scored three. With a Nick nack paddy whack. Give a dog a bone man united. f""ck of home I can still hear it now. Unbelievable memories

Ps Stan Bennett what’s happened to all that blond hair, — with Stanley Bennett.


I wasn’t born until December that year. Obviously my Dad told me about it all.

That song reminding me of when we played Liverpool in 84, and Bob Hall was trying to do a piece for Central News on the half way line. Every time he went to speak the Street End " Who the **** are Liverpool"

Even though I wasn’t there, it’s still nice to be able to say to the kids when they start talking about Man United, Villa, ah we walloped them. Man City, we finished above them. Arsenal, beat them more than once. For a little club, we really have got a proud history.


I’m sure that’s the same photo I had stuck up on my bedroom wall for a couple of years.
The Man Utd game and the Newcastle game were great memories, shame we didn’t put up a better performance at Blues, but we wouldn’t be Walsall if we were consistent or reliable. :grinning:

As in 83-84, we did it playing football, no lower league hoofing and hacking for us.


I was at the game and NOTHING that i see nowadays compares :cry:

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Howard Kendall ran the show for blues that day mate. He beat us on his own

Yep, MOTM for sure.

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