Is the mix of taylor McDonald and Fullerton our worst management team ever?

Dutton didn’t get the support taylor has
Clarke didn’t get the support taylor has
Even Keates didn’t get the support taylor has

I’ve never seen a group of leaders this bad


Its certainly up there, think Barnwell was better than these clowns

Taylor hasnt had any support though, if anything he’s had it worse.

Signs a striker when they need one in the January window who the club knew was a crock and wont play for 6 weeks.

Can’t resign our most inform player due to him refusing to take a vaccine.

Gaping holes throughout the squad all season with us having nothing to change anything up

The fault lies with the board and Jamie Fullashit


Dutton at least improved defending and set pieces. It gave some points. Taylor, hmm, I still don’t know how big influence he had on transfer dealings. But someone is responsible for it. And MT is responsible for how players looked on the pitch. Part of the blame is definitely his.


Steady on, I wouldn’t go that far…:joy:

I remember this from the ISSA / WFC minutes, in response to the allegation of bullying by Fullerton:

''LP stated categorically that the allegations are untrue…

LP confirmed that the source of the allegation was Miguel Llera’s partner, and as such there would be an internal investigation… [So they are untrue but there is to be an investigations? So how do you know they are untrue, LP?]

…LP stated that JF’s role is to re-examine the footballing side of the club from top to bottom, that he is a disciplinarian and does not suffer fools lightly. LP again stressed that there is no place at the club for bullying under his stewardship.’’

Doesn’t suffer fools lightly? Something that in my experience, is a tactic of many people, not up to their job.

And I bet he does a lot of suffering, then, when he looks in the mirror each morning.

…and he absolutely isn’t up to it.

The “top to bottom” bit.

This must be the worst season ever in terms of the aggregated results at all levels within the club.

I think that structurally, a DoF is a good shout. But it has to be somebody who knows what they are doing and is respected. As others have said a Richard O’Kelly type character - a wise and calm sage with a ton of experience who people genuinely respect. It feels like we’ve got something approaching the opposite.

And surely someone Taylor already knew and had worked with previously.

You cant just lob a team together and hope it works.

The role should be combined with assistant manager or coach or even academy coach.

If I was Taylor id want to find my own players, especially after the summer when it became evident some of the signings werent up to the standard promised.

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Most jobs in the real world come with a probation period , where your usually judged on impact.

Nope not at Walsall Fc, place on the board and few shares whilst you send the club into non league.


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Yep. Pomlett appears to have gone all-in with Fullarton, despite the fact his past isn’t exactly glowing.

I see this as a big problem for us for some time to come. It will definitely be limiting with what managers will come and work for us. Not many will want to work in this set-up under/with Fullarton. How is Fullarton being held accountable in his role?


Gone all in on a DOF who was hounded out of his previous clubs.

I can’t get my head around it


The fans are completely trapped both at football and director level and even worse one role crosses over to the other.

Its horrible.


It’s mad Ken, it must be the only industry where you can underperform to such a level and keep your job.

It’s not the real world, and it’s us fans funding it.


Richard Money as DoF would be a good call

Does he still live locally ?

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Is an answer to move Matt to the vacant academy position, which is more in line with his role at Spurs.
Get rid of Fullarton and bring in RO’K or Dicky Dosh until the end of the season to see us safe.
Then relook at the whole manager/DOF set up in the close season, having learnt lessons this year.

Matt can then be in line for succession to the first team in 2-3 years, along with the youth players he will/should be bringing through.

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This, coupled with how far Fullartons’ feet are under the table give me a horrible feeling that when Taylor goes, JF will be announced as manager. LP will see it as a no brainer because the club will be better off financially as they will have technically saved a wage.

That’s the absolute worst case scenario as the DOF would still be doing the managers job, leaving us in exactly the same position as we were a year ago with the manager looking after everything. We really are a circus aren’t we?

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As long as Fullarton is here, I won’t be renewing my season ticket. He is to blame for this mess.


That idea aged well!! :rage:

No trust me, Barnwell was in a completely different universe when it came to shiteness!!!

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