Mantom goes to Sarfend!

The Shrimpers just picked up our former midfield wizard (was he a wizard - don’t remember) for an undisclosed fee.

10 jars of potted shrimp & a pint of jellied eels perhaps?

His main magic trick was disappearing in games after that injury.

Was a really good box to box player at this level until he got injured in the Wembley season.

Was never same afterwards but still didn’t deserve some of the stick he got towards the end of his spell here (similar to Andy Taylor).


that’s saddlers fans for ya :roll_eyes:

Read a number of comments from Scunny fans giving him pelters for his injury record :slight_smile:

Don’t know about anyone else but I’d take Andy Taylor back in a heartbeat. He could play as left back or in a central 3. I’m guessing that he would really help bring on Cockerell Mollett and could teach Leahy a bit about defending too. Would not rock the boat and has great experience at league one level too.

100% I would especially if playing the traditional 4-4-2 which it seems like keates will be
May lack a bit of pace but good on the ball and much better in defensive positions then leahy.
Plus very experienced at this level.

we have missed him :cry:

Never understood the stick he got, can only imagine it was the emergence of Rico and the reluctance of O’Driscoll to play him. Deserved the warm welcome he received when Blackpool visited this season.

I gave him a warm welcome when I saw him outside the Fleetwood ground just after full time. It was a peed up “you’re my best mate” kind of welcome :flushed::crazy_face:


Thanks very much, nice of you to say so! :blush: