Marcus Stewart MND

Sad news about Marcus Stewart today…….


This is very sad news…

Horrific news. MND is as bad as it gets. Sad.

Terrible news. Saw that Lenny Johnrose who some may remember playing against us lost his battle with this horrible disease last month.

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That’s just awful news.

Such sad news. It seems more and more people are being diagnosed with this terrible disease.

Very sad news indeed my thoughts are with him and his family through what will undoubtedly be a difficult time.

Terrible news. He is a good guy, so very sad.

Awful news. An excellent player in his day who seemed to enjoy playing against us. Best wishes to him and family a truly horrid disease

Absolutely horrible news!

Devastating news. I wish him and his family the very best in the difficult times ahead.

Really sad news. NMD is such a horrible disease. I hope that the football community fully support Marcus & his family.

And at relatively young ages too.

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An old friend of mine passed away from this at 32, leaving his partner and baby behind. It was some years ago now but the thought of it makes me sick to be honest. I really feel for Marcus and the family.

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It’s a vile disease. Awful news.

That’s pretty rotten news.

Very sad news indeed. A disease with no cure . My thoughts and prayers are with his family this night.


Sad news. That has to be one of the worst diseases possible.

Very sad news

My grandad died from it, absolutely horrendous.

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