Marketing & match ticketing policy


They will just be told " ■■■■ off there is nowt left"


Nice old badge oldun. …


I was thinking earlier about the excuse that competing with other clubs in the region makes life more difficult, and how that could be addressed. Flipped on its head, you could say that with so many football fans around, there is an opportunity to entice people who tend to go to these other clubs while they’re playing away. Is it possible to offer promotions to season ticket holders at neighbouring clubs when they are away? Even so much as a free pint might sway someone.

Seems more productive than just writing them off as unreachable.


Bang on, worth a try isn’t it? In the old days it was quite common for folks to watch the club that shall not be named one week at home and Walsall the next. Guess it’s easier to travel now to away games but worth a try.


I’m a season ticket holder but have bought another ticket for Saturday for my brother. Done through the website but need to collect.

The category B prices in the upper for an adult are £22 in advance or £24 matchday.

So I’ve bought in advance for £22… yet get charged £1.25 booking fee. :roll_eyes:
Buy in advance and save 75p. :roll_eyes:

Why do we even have different prices for on the day and advance anyway? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Booking on line isn’t worth it because of the booking fee. Easier to book over the phone and collect on the day.


We must literally be one of the only outlets for making purchases where it is actually more expensive to the consumer to choose the online booking option over the physical purchasing.


The whole ticket / match category process at Walsall FC is dead. It all needs ripping up and starting from scratch, we all know it.

However, we can all see from the reply from the Club that hell will freeze over before they even consider reviewing it.


The question is why is there a booking fee in the first place? It’s automated and then producing / printing off a ticket in the ticket office is just the same as if I’m turning up at the window on the day.
Just another swindle to eak out a few more pennies like their 50p a season price increase! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Agree Funk. Just look at how many different categories they have on the website to choose from?
There’s less options at ■■■■■■■ McDonalds. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


The club uses Ticketmaster to run their online bookings. I think it’s likely that the £1.50 goes to Ticketmaster as their cut, rather than to the club.


So then change it! It’s not hard! I know ticket outlets that charge less and regularly email to discuss ticketing options…

Again, no care or attention to any detail.


I imagine some Walsall purists not being crazy about catering to ‘the other lot’, but it has to be remembered that plenty of them are from or live in Walsall themselves.

What falls nicely is the red/black/white colour of the Black Country flag. Is that flag copyrighted? Could we make better use of it to position ourselves as “Black Country FC”? A small emblem on the back of the collar is fashionable at the moment, or a tag at the end of the sleeve.

Just throwing ideas around.


I think I saw a Black Country flag at Bolton. I like the idea of using it in a possible rebranding of our Club. After all the other Black Country league clubs are now owned by Chinese investors so as the only truly local club we should perhaps make more of that situation.


Great ideas on both counts. We would need a forward thinking proactive marketing department to implement, though.

Not gonna happen is it?


Black Counrty FC. A local club for local people…



:joy::joy::joy: Isn’t that Dan Mole and Stefan Gamble…wandering what Jeff will do when he finds out the concessions they’ve allowed the fans over the toilet floors.


Agree with you that unless we get some new, more positive leadership and thinking we will continue to flounder. However any campaign that is launched needs positive ideas as well as the negative(anti JB stuff) if it is to succeed in getting new investment into the Club.


Cue Gamble on the turnstiles… “There’s nothing for you here!”


“This is a Birmingham venue, for Birmingham people”