Marketing & match ticketing policy


I believe that the dingles have also latched onto this. There is a bar near us in Spain owned by a Wolves fan and he has a big Black Country flag with WWFC on it, on the wall among other Wolves stuff.


How many Pukka Pies do we have left? Twelvety!


And …"we can’t help you at all "


Flag ■■■■■■■ :laughing:


The team placed 92nd in the football league pyramid attracted a crowd of over 15,000 today!!

They did a £2 offer last year and got 17k.


Would you want to swap places with them then?


Don’t think any of us would want to be in their position but the point i think is if maybe we reduced our ticket prices we would increase our gates


Of course not. I was just making a point about the impact of a special offer.

This was instigated by Notts County’s Chairman last year to mark the first year of his tenure. I’m impressed by the gesture but also the sheer volume of locals prepared to come and see a match bearing in mind the terrible form and position they’re in.


Fingers crossed that we can pick up a bit for a mid table finish and the go again next season for another mid table finish in the same league we have graced for 14 seasons.

I’d take the ups and downs of Notts County and other clubs all day long compared to this bore fest.


It it meant getting rid of this board I would seriously consider it, yes.


There use to be a saddlers shop in the old square years ago


The first Saddlers shop was on Bradford street halfway up on the right coming out of town from the cenotaph. The only other one i remember was in the arcade on the right corner as you look at it from the Saddlers centre.
Used to always be busy especially around the Sir Ray time but in true WFC style soon let it go and lost its only town centre presence. May have been one in the Old square but i dont remember it.


It’s the same one as the one you are describing in the arcade, i think it’s called the old square arcade?


The Old Square is the one up the market with Debenhams in it (not for much longer) the Arcade is the one on the Bridge.


Oh ye :see_no_evil:


Even at this ripe old age some of my memory remains. Still, ill put that right tonight with a few pints in the Pretty Bricks with a couple of crusty cheesen` onion cobs in front of a roaring fire.:yum::yum:


Lovely pub :ok_hand: had my first pint of pig in a poke in there,


Not many pubs like it left now. Good beer, great choice, all pulled correctly, conversation, no ■■■■ heads.
What`s not to like?


Haven’t read above…

But isn’t there the perfect chance for an offer for the Rochdale and Tuesday night Wimbledon game here?


Good idea, thinking for the club for a moment, it might be more hassle than it’s worth in their mind as people will have already purchased tickets for one or both?