Marketing & match ticketing policy


Just another lack of foresight isn’t it. It doesn’t take a genius to know that attendance on the Tuesday night will be rubbish. Oh well!


The key word there is foresight. :joy:


Yes thats the one


I was wondering what topic this post was made.

I know a Notts County fan and asked him about this. Said he did the same trick last season but also “it would help if the **** stopped sacking managers every five minutes especially ones who get us in the play offs!”

Now I see he’s been sharing part of his anatomy on twitter…:rofl:


So all we have to do is fall into league 2, drop to bottom, and get bonzo to get his ■■■■ out on Twitter? Simple. :grinning:


There’s a similar situation in March too.

Saturday 9th we’re at home to Fleetwood followed by Tuesday 12th at home to Portsmouth.

They should put in some offer for those 2 although Portsmouth is the last remaining category A they’ll probably use it as an excuse not to offer anything!


They are doing the school initiative for the fleetwood game it’s 2 tickets for £5 , 4 for £10 or 6 for £15. If you talk to anybody you know who has young kids in Walsall sure you could save yourself a few quid . I can get some if anybody needs as I have 3 kids in the same school and they can have 6 tickets per child.


Yet another ticket office classic today - I turned up to take advantage of the bring a friend for a fiver, I have 2 season tickets and wanted to get 2 of the special offer tickets - the girl at the office firstly stated I’m not aware of any offers - then when it was confirmed to her and waiting 5 mins in the freezing cold she then went into a spin because it the offer was not loaded on the system - I was then asked to phone up tomorrow for them !
You cannot make it up !




This is the sort of stuff that needs to be fed back to WFC as soon as possible. Clearly, all this talk of improving things isn’t being fed down from the top and someone somewhere isn’t doing their job and they constantly aren’t doing their job. ■■■■ poor yet again.


Yes, I would send an email to Daniel Clarke on that one.


And then if they get no response or a poor response from Clarke go straight to Mole / Gamble.


That is a sad story and shows the Club in a very bad light. Even if the first part is true the fact that you were asked to go away and contact the club again is very bad customer practice. The more I read of how our fans are treated the angrier I get.


I’ve had this to a lesser degree before. Phoned up to buy tickets, person who answered said they were busy and they call me back. They did - the following afternoon.


How can a ticket office whose function it is to sell tickets be too busy to sell someone a ticket ?!?!?


What happens is that when the ticket office phone is jammed up (and they do have a queuing system but even that can get overloaded ) you get automatically transferred to the reception.
I got that when calling just before the Luton game when Luton fans were told to get tickets from our ticket office.


Playing devil’s advocate for a minute, are the tickets for the Fleetwood game on sale yet? It is 5 weeks away. Just looking on the website, I cannot see any mention of the offer (I could be looking in the wrong place, admittedly).

Is it possible that you could have jumped the gun, and the reason there were no tickets available on the system, and that the ticket office administrator didn’t know about it is because it hasn’t been actioned yet?


Sounds like the whole ticketing situation needs review from top to bottom - pricing, service, administration. This should be bread and butter for a football club that also has vast expertise in event management.

Even if, as Belphegor suggests, the tickets aren’t in the system yet, surely a member of staff employed to sell tickets should know this and be able to advise promptly.


Friend for a fiver…TOMORROW. Just flashed up on my Facebook page!!! Better late than never I suppose but…


Apologies,Larry. I thought you were referring to the Fleetwood game from Gavin’s post. The Rochdale offer has just appeared on the website.

What a farce!

I imagine that Fred Karno will be on the phone later, asking for his clowns back.